Worst ways

or, why deledefs love Fiat-money and their money monopoly.

Well as we have to realize that we have a debt problem world-wide. (USA > 15 trillions of debt, just remember in June or so they have raised the debt level vom 14 trillions), The EU somewhere between 18 – 20 trillions.
Japan a few trillions also and China which claim to have one trillion in “securities” from the US. And so it goes on and one. There is currently not one country world-wide with absolutely no debt. Now
tell me about insanity

How can that happen? Well its a “perfect” construction for parasites. The parasites are the politicians, bureaucrats, and big banks. Banks may live without a state, but a state with out banks is well historical hardly to find.
Now it makes sense for both sides to work “together” the banks are the only ones which are able to sell all the trillions of bonds. And with every selling, the earn quite a bit. Now what’s the advantage for banks. Well they got “political” cover from the states. Either directly as e.g. the Landesbanken in Germany and/or the Sparkassen or indirectly as you can see with the bail-outs. Why do states accept this. Well a bank is not just the seller for bonds but also the holder of deposits. And here comes the worst of all. The banks to take this deposits and lend them out, either directly while buying bonds, or just for other credit facilities for the state. Now this money is not theirs and if the state would not try to “save” the banks, the deposit owners may not get back their deposits. So banks and states are working with everyones property to satisfy their never ending appetite for money.

The biggest thing of course is creating money out of nothing. Absolutely impossible for money as value (read gold as money). If the banks give a credit there are suddenly the credit euros or dollar there, and they do not have backed up completely with their own money. It’s just a digit in a computer. So you can create more and more credit, and you just can “hope” that the investments done with credits will be paid back. That is (un) fortunately true most of the times that works. Well in fact if the just loose the normal 5-10 % of the given credit sums, they still earn big. Anyways this system comes to a screeching end if the overall debts are way to high. That’s the case currently the states have to many debts and people do not believe any more that they will pay back. So anyways the whole money system is a big Ponzi-scheme. Banks and Politicians are allowed to run it but if you do that in a private enterprise you got to jail (which is correct)

Why can that all work? Well the easy answer is the states do own the “most” weapons and they do write the laws. So if you do not comply you’ll get to jail. So people must be afraid to work against this stealing because otherwise they would get harmed. Not to forget the state have currency monopolies and central banks. That another level to obfuscate the wrong-doing. They name it “lender of last resort”. Does that not sound “wonderful”?
And it’s a plain lie again. central banks are backed up by state promises. And that’s all there is. I don’t know how you see it, but for me this promises are not worth anything. Governments are lying most of the time, and mostly then if it’s especially embarrassing for them. Just read about anything from Obama, Junker, Baroso, Merkel and Sarkozy in this regard.

And you can see the greediness of banker and deledefs. They make new laws to save themselves for prosecution. And the state just claims some banks are indispensable. And so we got the worst one can get.

Such system do break every few decades. This system now works for around 50 years and we’re nearing another end of such a deception cycle of the follies of deledefs.

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    very nice This system now works for around 50 years and we’re nearing another end of such a deception cycle of the follies of deledefs. Web Site


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