Well if you follow the “wordings” in the debt crisis you’ll see abhorrent and unfortunately very dangerous words.

They are talking about a currency war, and they use the same oratory like in real wars. What the point in that?

There but one enemy in all states it the own government and you won’t hear something about a currency war neither in the US population or ours. We could get along
very well without anyone telling us that the other is our “enemy”. And it’s a plain lie. The day the Euro countries will break down the day thereafter the US will crash.
And the same the other way round.

The deledefs probably know that they all are broke. The official debts alone are enough for breaking the states, but upon that there are the coming debts.
Neither the US nor any Euro country has build reserves for the coming pension payments. Just remember GM? It was broken by promised pension obligations. And that was just
a company which has to “earn” their money. But the pension obligations are gone and taken over by government. And add another promise waited to be broken on the
mountains of broken promises.

The states are the incarnation of inefficiency and waste, but they won’t tell you that sad but honest truth. No on working for bureaucracy in government does do anything good. They are just
burning money. And this money is extorted from the monopoly of force of the governments. So guess that the states do all they can to claim and hold their populations as hostages. And some are more than willing to serve as death camp guards. They do eve believe they do something good. It’s abhorrent.

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