Depriviation of rights

I guess it’s nothing new for someone having read Hayeks (“The road o serfdom”)

In a hard fight to get into it: Europe and the US. The current newest strike comes from Europe. The “politicians” name it “fiscal union”. It does not mean more or less
that national parliaments can (and must be?) supervised by some european well not parliament. It’s not spoken about it, but well some eurocrats. It seems the preferred solutions
are the chiefs of the countries without a way that they could be voted for. (Well very indirectly through some votes in the diverse countries)

But what is a vote good for if the laws are changeable without a way that one can ask for the responsibilities of the voted? I don’t know. But Hayek had known. He explains the road to serfdom and one
could think it was a blue print for the current political ways. Too many in Europa and US are not “supported” by government and so it’s not talked any more about expenses. They are caling it rights.
Rights for this, rights for that, But in the end it means. Everything of you properties belongs to the government and it’d decided there whose deserves what support. And it means stealing from those
still being able to work and support themselves. But what freedom it is if you know, the harder I’l the more will get stolen?

You can read this blog right from the start, and you’d see the patterns and warnings. By every mean we’re fubar. You must look outside Europe or the US to find a somewhat less influential government. I’m afraid there are just a handful of countries left in which property rights are “enforced”….

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