I don’t think so about who will gain


You can read it’s for the wealthy. I don’t think so. It’s for those who want the system to stay. Just imagine a different case. Assume that the laws would be in the way to not hinder free trade by any means – hardly any taxes, no tarifs, no laws for any producing corporation, no public health system, no public welfare.

What would that be for the unproductive? That would be their personal hell. If they would have to offer something they probably will earn their living. But can-  you imagine how a “gender scientist” will get paid for his stuff? What would be a job of a tollkeeper,what would be with thos checking the taxes? They all would not find work in such kind of work. It simply does not yield something. It just burns money.

The really wealthy do have to offer something everyone wants. And so the people do give them their money voluntarily. But agreed it’s even easer if you would not have a choice, and so bribing for large corporations is rewarding.

So the reayl point is that the redistribution runs along the lines from the hands of the productive into the hands of the moocher.

This suits also: http://www.rottmeyer.de/frau-lagarde-als-vorreiterin/ (it’s in German, but search for Bill Bonner and I’m sure you’ll find that in english somewhere also)


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