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And if you don’t comply

we’re putting off our gloves…

Or is there another motto for deledefs or “leader”. After Tunesia the people in Egypt want “their” live. And guess what happens?

Well qu’el surprise, the leaders send out the violant forces like police.

And guess what they do not just stand around, but actively beat the demonstrants and if you’re unlucky they shoot at you.

Conclusion: Nice words are for free, the balls are for everything and everyone else.

They layer sometimes is a bit thicker or thinner. Examples for violence against the own population can not just be seen in the underdeveloped country, Just see a few photos films from Stuttgart 21 and you see Germany is not better. And that with our history….

We still are a rats pack of obedient cowards. All kinds of secret police was perfectioned here. And still we believe in the “good” nature of a fatherlike country….
It’s as if we’d free every murder or worse, give them the guns and ask them to “keep” the public down…. It seems you just have to ask a German to be a jailor and he/she does whatever barbarous ones wants. It’s probably for something higher….