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since the beginning of this blog. Found today on ZeroHedge:

Citation of the 9 myth (unchanged and uncommented)

1. The dollar will continue to be the dominant currency.

This is a total farce. Grumblings grow louder around the world to establish a new non-dollar financial system, and China has taken the lead to make this a reality.

2. The US is still the dominant military power in the world.

If you measure by the quality of trained personnel, this is true. But what good is all of that military power if you can’t afford to do anything with it?

3. The police exist to protect the people.

Wrong again. With so much civil asset forfeiture taking place at the point of a gun (federally funded assault rifles), it’s clear they’re far more concerned about protecting those that maintain the status quo than protecting you.

4. Elections make a difference

Completely false. Most Western governments borrow money to pay interest on the money they’ve already borrowed.

In the US, they spend so much on mandatory entitlements and interest they could eliminate almost the entire government and still not run a balanced budget.

At that level of desperation, it matters not who’s in power.

5. Your bank is safe

Your bank might HAVE a safe. But if you look at objective data, many banks in the West have incredibly thin levels of capital and liquidity—the exact opposite of what a safe bank is supposed to have.

Oh yeah, they’re backed by poorly capitalized deposit insurance funds, which are guaranteed by insolvent governments.

And bear in mind that even if your bank is reasonably capitalized, you are still guaranteed to lose money on a tax adjusted, inflation adjusted basis if you you’re holding your savings there.

6. You have to go to college in order to get ahead

Quite the opposite—going to college in many cases can get you behind; just ask any 36-year old still paying down that $100,000 student loan debt.

The world is a big place full of opportunity. Skills and experience matter more than pieces of paper.

Here’s a better option, especially for young people: head overseas, and become an apprentice to a successful, knowledgeable individual that you respect.

Any young person who thinks that going to college is a good idea should just ask any of their unemployed friends saddled with $100,000 of debt if it was worth it.

7. I saw it on TV so it must be true.

Ufff. The mainstream media exist to paint a distorted version of reality so that people are kept placated, docile and largely clueless about what really goes on in the world.

8. Debt doesn’t matter because we owe it to ourselves

Whoever first said this must have a lot of whips and chains in his closet because he seems to enjoy pain.

If we owe the debt to ‘ourselves,’ that means that we will need to default on ourselves.

This means no more Social Security, Medicare, etc. It means causing the US Federal Reserve to become insolvent and spark a currency crisis. It means causing the collapse of every bank in the country.

Sure, no biggie.

9. The United States is the Land of the Free

Draconian surveillance efforts on its citizens. Punitive taxes, fines and regulation. Rising police state. Telling people what they can or can’t put in their bodies, how to grow their food, who to adore, who to hate. Preventing them to collect their own rainwater and live off the grid.

Now my comments. I do not agree whith it all at around 100 %. But there is way to much truth in it to fell any kind of comfort. If you know that there is a list of men, having to get murdered, and if there’s no chance to ever know how one might have got on this list. Then you can see there is a death-thread of your own government on yourself. That’s the bottom line of suppression. It’s the center of arbitrariness.

There’s one point I strongly disagree with. That’s the military power of the US. By any means and just be looking around the world this still is true. The trillions are burned world-wide and the US has the highest expenses on earth and ever on it’s military. So they are a threat to EVERYONE world wide. And the more they despair, the most likely they’ll use this military machine to “survive another day.” Even if it meant to burn the earth….

It’ll be a terrible day/week time

when the current abuse system will break down. When the card houses will fall. I had hoped for more than 6 years that there may be some limit to madness. I was just thinking: “Everyone must see that”, it seems that is not the case. Or maybe it is the case but the only wish is to just-  get it running long enough and that the break down will come after one has leave office.

I tend to believe that that is more likely, but the case that one can not see it. However as much as I fear the day the much I anticipate it’s coming. I’m sure that the day will come and I’m quite sure it will be during my life time. I may have another 30 -40 years to live if no accident will happen to me. I have not idea really when the break down will take place.

I’m quite sure it will not be tomorrow and I even doubt it will be this year. But after that I’d not bet on any other year. Maybe the break down will come next year, may be it will take another decade. I simply do not know.

But I know one thing for sure, the longer it will take from now on the more dreadful it’ll get. And that raises my fears with every day, the system still runs. Just imagine, the US have aquired 12 trillons of new debts. And the absurd thing is that does not have resulted in raised interest. This just means the system just runs because of the central banks world-wide and till today the people do believe in them. That’s a thing hardly to bear by me. I can not see that something so obviously dangerous is not seen as a danger but hope for-  a better outcome.

I have suggested what every one can do I-  hope some of you have followed my suggestions of have come up with similar-  considerations and judgement. I can’t wish anyone still believing the central banks any good.. They are those who really bring us down and among this us is me. And going down and getting killed by other citizens and/or the own government does not appeal as a good death to me. So in this regard I wish death to everyone following this part of destruction. Unfortunatly for me this hardly has happened ever. The wrong-doers get through and have build a new system of opression, that’s the future I’ve to face. I fear and hate it.

Well the answer is:


That’s what the US and EU have on their mind to keep the Ukraine togehter and of course, the people living down there have no “rights” to decide differently.

Tell me, how comes that secession is not allowed, tell me why aren’t their two USAs? What would be the terrible problem to have SUS and NUS? Was it worth to devastate regions and murder a few hundred thousands? What’s it with this incredible cruelty of states? How comes that nothing has killed more people then states and how comes that people still want to vegetate in states. How comes that hardly anyone sees what states are. They are just constructs of violence in the end it’s just. You obey our rules or we will kill you. That’s the core of laws and what happens of you do not “follow” them.

Anyway the great news is. If you are at the top you can break any law, start new wars and you can decide to criminalize everyone. There are two of the most stupid wars ever: war against drugs and war against terrorism.

And not to forget the war against alcohol which have laid the foundation for the Mafia, well maybe it was also part of the foundation of the fascist socialists, or “just socialists” USA – who knows….

Ah well this fits so well: States the base of murderers.

There’s not much to add


But does that really is the most urgent problem? Terrorism? Or isn’t it the ruthless money printing of the Fed?

Does the death of Osama means that the soldiers are called back or won’t the war just go on? Really how much threat can be put on a “normal american citizen”? How likley is it to die in an
terrorists attack and how likley to die just be “normal criminals”. The above mentioned link gets it right (IMHO) the fear will be raise, and well how could anyone think that fanatics will be stopped by the killing of one of their idols.

There are much more thing to fear, among is the bankrupt of such country as the US. So is there any reason to celebrate? I can not see it, another men was killed and tens of thousands will “follow”….

And if you don’t comply

we’re putting off our gloves…

Or is there another motto for deledefs or “leader”. After Tunesia the people in Egypt want “their” live. And guess what happens?

Well qu’el surprise, the leaders send out the violant forces like police.

And guess what they do not just stand around, but actively beat the demonstrants and if you’re unlucky they shoot at you.

Conclusion: Nice words are for free, the balls are for everything and everyone else.

They layer sometimes is a bit thicker or thinner. Examples for violence against the own population can not just be seen in the underdeveloped country, Just see a few photos films from Stuttgart 21 and you see Germany is not better. And that with our history….

We still are a rats pack of obedient cowards. All kinds of secret police was perfectioned here. And still we believe in the “good” nature of a fatherlike country….
It’s as if we’d free every murder or worse, give them the guns and ask them to “keep” the public down…. It seems you just have to ask a German to be a jailor and he/she does whatever barbarous ones wants. It’s probably for something higher….