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Now keep your breath

Well I looked over some old blog entries on my outer mises blog and found a most astonishing number:

Three years ago the US debt were 9.5 trillions. Now in November we have officially 15 trillions of debt. That mean more than 5.5 trillions more debt in just 3 years. Will say
the new debt growth is 10% a year !!!.

But imagine that is not even half the truth. The debts of Mae and Mac are undocumented. My figures to that time were around 5 trillions. And there were other promises of around 2 trillions.

Now if I take that in consideration we get from 9.5 to 22 trillions of new debt. that’s more than a doubling in 3 years or. The other way the debt growth is more than 25% a year!
Now if one things just Euro land is in knee deep trouble, think again.

Finally the truth is revealed. The poligangster are putting us all in misery. As Mises and Hayek have written. We were right and all others were wrong.

suprise suprise

I wrote about the debt race. And how the US and EU battle hard to win this break down.

Now with endless greedy greek Politicians according to “yet another not working fu…. plan” (yanwfp). The EU throw out new well once good money which one can not tell really good any more.
But who cares that it’s illegal who cares that it’s against the own given laws. And still the inevitable will not be unstopped.

Now in the US one state will have to close:

As usual no party is guilty of it. And still they all have agreed upon piling up debts. So in fact none of them is guilty ALONE. They all are guilty. And still they do not have to go to jail. (because of harming everyone lvining in Minessota) no they still are in charge and I guess they will get paid as soon as they re-open their state.

I can not tell any more how fed up I’m of this criminals…. Why the hell have the US the largest prisons and still such thugs as “elits”?