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Boom shows off its XB-1 supersonic demonstration passenger airliner


Anyway I-  have my doubts.-  The prototype is “just” 1/3 of the expected size. I’d think they encounter problems this version can’t reveal. Heating comes to my mind.-  There are some information about that available for the SR-71 and there I think I have read: The fuel price is beyond any reason and the plane “leaks” fluids on the ground. This stops while flying and of course getting heated up.

Now the other big problem I see are the turbines. That has been a problem AFAIKT all the time with the concorde. And even worse there have been non produced any more since ages. Who will be able to do it again (better?)

I’m no airplane expert by any means, and know probably to less to judge it. Anyway I have my doubts.

And I have also my opinions about EADS and Boeing. IMHO it would be a fu… bad idea to not produce the A380 any more. I’d do anything I can to keep it produced. There is IMHO no way for cheaper flights. Most airports simply can not be extended easily any more (exception maybe Dubai) , so if you want to transport more you either have to have more airports and I doubt that it will be easy to get more of them. So you have to use what is there with less planes – that means they have to be bigger. The 747 has had a monopoly on large planes for decades and IMHO is was this 747 which did have hold Boeing going. Again I may be wrong

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