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Gangster among themselves

This time it’s “his majesty” Sakozy. He has accepted illegal bribe money. However it was just illegal to that time as
he has been major of Paris, since then more than 3 years have gone. And after that bribe money is time-barred.

And even it it wasn’t it does not make Sarkozy sweat, he enjoys political supported diplomatic immunity. So the laws do not apply
to him and those of his kind. The only disadvantage is that people may get a little bit more disappointed from their politicians.

But that does not harm them reallly. If now 1 million or 1.2 millions of people don’t vote any longer. Who cares? Surely not the deledefs, if there will be
a vote of just the politicians themselves, they alway can claim to be “voted”.

It will get interesting to see what will happen do Sarkozy after his political “live”. I guess it will be much more pleasant to him.

And again I just can say. “The sooner those political gangster will vanish, the the rest of us”.

now we have the following cumulativeness.
legal, illegal, fu…. illegal, politics