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Really bad news

Mrs Lagard will follow Strauss Kahn.

Oh well now we have another potential defrauder and definitive a centralist at the top if the IMF. Now I bet Greece will get some more money, even if
the IMF has guide lines which would forbid that.

Now we have new centralists and monetary policy believers in the ECB and the IMF. That’s so sorry fucking bad, that I could just cry

So we’ll see new establishemnts of lendors of las resort, stuffed with tons of “new debt”. No state has some money left to pay for it without new credits. So the money avalanche will get bigger and bigger.
I just kindly remind you of:

It gets more and more nightmarish….

Getting more credit

now this time it’s Portugal. They currently have to offer above 7.x %. That’s quite a word. But I don’t think it will harm them. I guess
the EU will find a way “helping” out. They found a way for Greece, Ireland, so what should be the difficulties with Portugal?

Of course it will not be any kind of bail-out. Portugal surely will pay back any credit. And if not? Then the speculators will be blamed. If that does not help, some Terrorists from somewhere on thie earth and of cours the weather. I guess Portugal was just investing every cent in “highering” their dams for the warming climate. Or could you imagine that any money was spend in “dubious” channels?