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It goes on and on

Yes the EU safety chute should get fixed. This time with “much” more hefty punishments.

If a country does not do this or that then the get very high fines. (Might be interesting trying to fetch that fine if the country is bankrupt, but I guess this is just a secondary thought.)

Biggest sin: Buying from bonds of “any” country through the ECB. Zimbabwe and FED are greeting….

So we’ll go on with this Ponzi Schemes of curing too much credit with eve more credit. I thin Japan will take the lead this time. They have to rebuild their country. And so they’ll flood th world with new money.

I come back to my predictions. It seems a lot of them will get fullfilled earlier than thought. And one day they suddenly will find “no-one” accepting this worthless sheets of paper any more. And then it will not be the states and governments which have “send everything down the drain”. Iit will be the “capitalists” …. Atlas shugged get’s more and more a documentation.