Schlagwort-Archive: Schizophrenia


is it just me or does anyone else see it that way also?

As we know the states to participate on every income in their region they rule as monopolist or dictator. Well so far so bad. Anyway
a state can not produce anything, they just can consume. So far so bad.
In most states there is not a flat tax (which is unfair enough) but progressive tariffs. Well that just means the more someone earns the progressive move has
he/she give to the state.

Now and still are suggestions to take away everything over a certain amount. In Germany someone from the left has drawn the line at 40000 € /months. Yes that’s much but anyway
the tax for such income is well beyond 50 % even these days. if you take away everything over the 480 000 € /year. Who will ever earn more directly. So isn’t it schizophrenic to just
even think about 100 % over some level? It will produce much less taxes and if you want to have as much as you possibly can get, how can make a suggestion on
a move that cuts down the tax income?

If it’s not just plain stupidity ( a think all politicians are prone to) than it’s schizophrenic.