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The circles of madness

are closing. The US citizens have choosen their new hangman, they “trust” the republicans one more than the-  democratic ones. Well what to say? Well choosen?

The BOJ goes around and will buy all the debt of the japanese state. So well I guess it’ll be better if they bring down the Yen completly instead of brining down the government. Anyway both will work. They will destroy the currency and with that the government sooner or later. And they will be stupid enough to build another new government and introduce a new money. And because most of the things have gone down, they will not be able to pay so many bureaucrats, but don’t dispair in the long run they get all the bueraucrats back. So nothing to fear for now, just-  a few million deaths with civil unrest a “little” civil war and the government will alway insist they are the good ones.

So go Japan, go USA, go EU. End the live of so many stupid asses, I’d prefer if I’d be speared. Chances for that are in the best case – slim.