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End of the boom?

Well times they are changing ant it seems the car manufacturers are entering really rough see. The selling in February are down to a minimum
back to at least February 2003. So indeed we know we’ll see what will happen. If the sellings should be that low through the year, I bet we’ll
here of a new round of subsidies.

Why do I think that, well we have bail-outs for banks, states etc. and we had the paying of 2000 € back in 2009 or so for buyers of new cars. And
we know that there are markets and banks and there are system relevant banks. The former can go out of business, the later shall not.
So I guess this will be after the markets. A new play ground for politicians and a new incentive for the mangster (manager + gangster) to start
getting system relevant.

As we also have learned with Greece, the bail-out are not to help the Greek but to help banks and insurances and pension fonds. So yeah it seems we do
not just have system relevant banks but system relevant insurers. So why stop here? I guess sooner or later we’ll get system relevant car manufacturers.
And quite a few more, till we all are system relevant but could not be “bailed”-out any more. Gods moves may be mysterious but the way of our
good-doers are very obvious. Poverty for all with the double-speak saying “wealth for all”.