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How many measurements do exist

For deciding if one goes to war or not?

So there will be a flight-prohibited zone above Lybia. Well what about Bahrain? What about Yemen?

The french president clams a “vicotry” also above Germany. Oh yeah, the french go to war (but only Lybia) they do nothing for Bahrain or Yemen. I guess that’s “just”

I can’t tell what would be a proper “reaction”. But it’s obvious that this is as arbitrary as it can get. Ah yes Quadaffi is “brutal”, what a suprise!. For 30 years it was good to be “kind” to him
how many were killed during that time or just vanished? But no Quadaffi was good because he “stabilizes”. What? Ah yes the fundamentalists. What a a nice “thing”.

I wish all the men in north africa peace, an the freedom to say “thanks, but no” we do no need politicians. There’s nothing good to be expected. As long as corruption and nepotism is “the way of live”, no one can live in peace. I’d suggest opening all frontiers, getting rid of all the politicians and go back to money with “real” value. If they don’t to that the way is chrystal clear the “choosen” (by whatever means) control the money, the print it and use if first. Quaddafis fortune is estimated to be between 20 – 150 Billions. Have he worked for that money? No he has the guns and got it from everyone by force. What a “great” man.

He is and was rich enough to buy soldiers as he liked. And well it seems those bought have not problems killing whatever comes along. Be it other soldiers, men, women or children. So yes he should “be sued” for it. But why then stop with Quadaffi? There’s not reason for that really. All this countries are more or less led by “clans” and so how many of them should “be killed”? We have accepted them as “real partner”, the policitians and manager have visited them to “get into business”. So either they were wrong the whole time or they are wrong now. When was the time wrong became right and when was the time where write became wrong? I don’t know. But I know that nearly all of the population have suffered under their “leaders” and so I wish them all that their “leaders” will have to go.

However I’m sceptical, there will be new “leaders” and it’s not unlikely that the will be as bad as the earlier ones… Maybe even worse. Who knows?