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Dear US citizens

Don’t you think something is fundamentally broken with your political system? With you (in)justice system also?

How could it be that you incarcerate more than 10 -times as much as other-  the other countries mentioned in that strip?

Don’t you see that your founding papers were all about limiting the power of government? Don’t you see that Abraham Lincoln has broken everything and that it was never ever fixed?

What do you expect if you let you politicians go to undeclared wars? Why you do you think you’ll be more safe if you bring war to other countries? How comes you do not really expect what you get from the “other” side. Is the other side the terror alone?

Think about it an you’ll have to admit. It your fault also. If you go on with that faults, I promise you the only thing you really get is even more terror?

I write this at the beginning of the year 2017 again. Anyway check how I and other have warned you. Don’t you thin we were more right than any of you politicians?

Soldiers worldwide

say no. Say no to the war drums of your politicians. Disobey and put the politicians and bureaucrats, that want to burn you in the coming wars, into jail. Espeicially US-Soldiers do not follow Uncle Sam anywhere else but into the USA.

Go out of this countries and fight against the ever growing corruption in your own country. If you serve the populations, that is your duty. If you follow you current leaders you are not more then murders or handymen of death.

You are not fighting for your population in the near east you are nothing but state paid killers down there. Was that what you wanted to choose?

May be harsh – ma y be not

anyway it-  seems voting for Clinton get’s more problematic by the day. I guess it’s not to far fetched to expect for Mr Clinton to be even worse as Obama. 8 years president and not a single day of peace with the nobel price peace winner. Now Clinton has supported that, and so another 8 year-  of war are to be expected – the question is where and against whom?

The USA drown in debts, higher deficit then ever, every third Dollar spend from the government comes from new debts. Does anyone believe there will be a change with Mrs Clinton? I could imagine they go on burning earth and men in the near east. Syria anyone? Irak anyone?

Be warned with Mrs Clinton war is the most likely outcome!

Time’s starting to tell

something, very easy to understand for any one who likes freedom who knows the base of liberalism in the european sense.-  What’s time telling? “It won’t be different this time”, anyone who does not know what I mean should run to the next shop an see the book “this time is different” it’s about bankruptcy and states.

All current Systems are very deep social democratic nearing socialism. Freedom is just-  a word they use to describe that you are free to agree with them or go to jail or even worse get killed.

Now see the things Obama really has done to the US. And there’s but one hallmark, soaring debts and being in wars during all the time. Now the USA is at war for nearly 15 years. Agreed the numbers of casualties is low, in fact so low that nobody objects. But soldiers of the US are dying in the non-declared wars, that’s the fact. And the other fact not even the central bank can hide:

The charts stop well in the past but the plus is immense from around 7 trillion to over 17 billions in not just 8 years. That’s the base line of Obamas “achievements” a total corrupt state, a state which is more orwellian than 1984 and still the same “rulers”. Just remember before the bullets hits you. It’s all for YOUR best, so they told/tell.

Here’s a more actual chart:

How great the deception

Who should go to war?

Just a few remarks… I sympathise to him. I once was young also and did believe I’d do the right thing doing my forced year in the Bundeswehr. Hell after-  a few months I recognized how stupid I was. I would have the chance to refuse going to the Bundeswehr and I for my part would never ever do it again, but in one case if we really got attacked.

As-  the Soldier wrote, he probably had the same idea. But in the end it’s was his decision to join the forces and to got whereever he was send. This can’t be discussed, it was his fault.

Anyway you can see who big/great the deception really is that people do believe in it. One would expect that those sending soldiers out would be kind of responsible.- – – –  But this you simply can forget. I wrote about the role of Police and Military, it’s hardly ever for the citizens it ALWAYS for the “grand” better of the politicians. This never ever was different. The US-Soldiera in Germany in WW II did not defend USA. They were there because politicians decided that they must go. And enough of them believed those leaders. In the end they are just slaughter men. The veteran of WWI puts as much truth in his words as ever one man did, see the graphic here.

The first every population should do in case of war, if going to their government, and hand them out the guns and let them go first.-  All the “elites” know surely why they do not want to enter the line of fire. How does the died soldier told them:

“Your cowardice and selfishness were established decades ago. You were not willing to risk yourselves for our nation but you sent hundreds of thousands of young men and women to be sacrificed in a senseless war with no more thought than it takes to put out the garbage. ”

I will not mourn a second if they will die, even if premature trough whatever circumstance. I just wish them, selfish as I am that it’ll hurt terrible. Thy should dread death for a few month/years and justice would require that short before the war ended they will get killed.

Anyway the died soldier has know it better:

“You may evade justice but in our eyes you are each guilty of egregious war crimes, of plunder and, finally, of murder, including the murder of thousands of young Americans—my fellow veterans—whose future you stole.

It’s as given as amen in church that they will get unharmed. They will be cheered as “great” man, from there after-followers.- –  If they would be socialist pure they would be even cheered for mass murdering. Just see the unbelievable ideas of having murdered on your T-Shirt (like Che Guevara) How they are feasting Stalin, Lenin and how the Germans still vote for the Linke. The old party which has oppressed millions of peoples and have stolen them everything. If there’s a hell I really wish it upon them.

It’ll be a terrible day/week time

when the current abuse system will break down. When the card houses will fall. I had hoped for more than 6 years that there may be some limit to madness. I was just thinking: “Everyone must see that”, it seems that is not the case. Or maybe it is the case but the only wish is to just-  get it running long enough and that the break down will come after one has leave office.

I tend to believe that that is more likely, but the case that one can not see it. However as much as I fear the day the much I anticipate it’s coming. I’m sure that the day will come and I’m quite sure it will be during my life time. I may have another 30 -40 years to live if no accident will happen to me. I have not idea really when the break down will take place.

I’m quite sure it will not be tomorrow and I even doubt it will be this year. But after that I’d not bet on any other year. Maybe the break down will come next year, may be it will take another decade. I simply do not know.

But I know one thing for sure, the longer it will take from now on the more dreadful it’ll get. And that raises my fears with every day, the system still runs. Just imagine, the US have aquired 12 trillons of new debts. And the absurd thing is that does not have resulted in raised interest. This just means the system just runs because of the central banks world-wide and till today the people do believe in them. That’s a thing hardly to bear by me. I can not see that something so obviously dangerous is not seen as a danger but hope for-  a better outcome.

I have suggested what every one can do I-  hope some of you have followed my suggestions of have come up with similar-  considerations and judgement. I can’t wish anyone still believing the central banks any good.. They are those who really bring us down and among this us is me. And going down and getting killed by other citizens and/or the own government does not appeal as a good death to me. So in this regard I wish death to everyone following this part of destruction. Unfortunatly for me this hardly has happened ever. The wrong-doers get through and have build a new system of opression, that’s the future I’ve to face. I fear and hate it.

Well countered

Christian Lies

Indeed solidiers do not fight for the “nation”. They are there to do the dirty work for the current leaders. It’s especially disturbing if christians idolize man/women which are the to murder.

It’s of course ok to defend yourself. But any soldier outside the US does not defend anything from his own country. He’s just there to supress and kill others. Never ever should the US citizens have allowed to bring their soldiers out of the USA. Even the world wars are not exception. Americans were not under thread and if they really would have done something good, they would have helped the haunted of the nazi regime. Well I guess something has been done, but that surely could have been much more.

The idea that the USA fights for “civil rights” world-wide is a kind of sarcastic joke.

Well the answer is:


That’s what the US and EU have on their mind to keep the Ukraine togehter and of course, the people living down there have no “rights” to decide differently.

Tell me, how comes that secession is not allowed, tell me why aren’t their two USAs? What would be the terrible problem to have SUS and NUS? Was it worth to devastate regions and murder a few hundred thousands? What’s it with this incredible cruelty of states? How comes that nothing has killed more people then states and how comes that people still want to vegetate in states. How comes that hardly anyone sees what states are. They are just constructs of violence in the end it’s just. You obey our rules or we will kill you. That’s the core of laws and what happens of you do not “follow” them.

Anyway the great news is. If you are at the top you can break any law, start new wars and you can decide to criminalize everyone. There are two of the most stupid wars ever: war against drugs and war against terrorism.

And not to forget the war against alcohol which have laid the foundation for the Mafia, well maybe it was also part of the foundation of the fascist socialists, or “just socialists” USA – who knows….

Ah well this fits so well: States the base of murderers.

Unfortunately but true

The way into debt is the way into death.

We’re seeing it more and more in a growing number of countries. The debt mountains are very high and not bearable. So they must be “written down”. Those who have accumulated the debt do everything to get new debts. And they do accept every harm for anyone else. Currently it’s still peaceful, (besided the wars all over the world) but those are limited compared to the last World-War.

But will it be peaceful if states and large banks begin to fail? What will happen to the debts of the US, the EU countries, China, Japan? You can see the level of violence raises in countries near a default. Just look at Argentina, Bolivia, or why not Ukraine?

There’s still the on-going civil war in Syria, which well is not discusses very much any more. Now it’s the “coming”? crimean war. The point still is, they all have consumed too much in too short a time. And so they are desparatly in need for new financing sources. And well at the end of an imperium, usually stands war…

Will it be different this time?

In the end there’s the fasicists/socialists “solution”

I warned over and over again. Still to no good as it seems.
I warned that in the end empires usually end in disaster of wars. And it might be that it’s the same this time. There’s war in the air between China/Japan and therefor sooner or later also the USA. They all are fallen empires. Agreed they still are around but just walking corpses. China may look best on first sight, but the things I know about it speak differently. If you burry money in ghost towns something clearly is wrong.

Everyone but the politician know that Japan and the USA are bankrupt. No one ever got rich by collecting debts and nobody ever got rich by just printing money. Money printing is the “hallmark” of political losers. They can’t win this argument and so they do everything to distract from their crimes. But to no good at all.

Here we go
Japan prepares for war:
USA gives up whole cities:

America is not the land of the free any more, it’s politicians and bureaucrats are running wild and they do all they can, just leave devastation behind. Still the USA do have one advantage, the citizens can still wear, buy and have weapons. If they would not the state would have nothing to fear. But in that way, they are heading for a new civil war, I don’t think that the state can make it against most of it’s people. Anyway, it will get bloody, and that is my biggest fear. They to no go under in silence, but massive slaughter.

The old liberals have warned over and over again, don’t go down this way. But to no good, the fascists always got the upper hand in the end and freedom just get’s a chance after the horrible end of such end of fascists/socialist countries.

I think I’ve made it very clear

that I do not think that our government works for us any longer. And so it seems there will be not much left in the nearer future.

Well the only really thing government should do is keeping it’s citizens free for force against them. But what if the government is the only bearer of force against one’s own population and/or even visitors?

Sometimes one needs to use force to save one’s life. It seems the time has come that you have to defend yourself with any means against your government. Let’s see are there any trials on their way about the total surveillance of the NSA on virtually every one?

If not, let me ask why not? Well I guess the answer is you can not trust the judges any more, or at least you can not expect that they keep to the constitution. Unfortunately I and I guess many others have come to the following conclusion. The USA turns out to be the 4th Reich more and more. There is no party left in the USA which helds up the flag for freedom, liberty or the individual. It’s we against anyone else and the we is getting smaller by the day.

It’s not my way to ask for force against anyone, but to me it seems that any citizen which now acts with violence against the states is doing it in self-defence. I think I won’t see the policeman any more as “help” against the criminals but defenders of the criminals. That’s a very devastating outlook… So it’s time to demand back our freedom and rights to live from the government.

My speech and writing is not very sophisticated, it’s as simple as do what you say and say what you do. So here I have something for the bureaucrat (sorry assholes) in the world.

A small thing to remember


Take that Obama. You are surely one of the worst presidents the US ever had. You are in very bad company. There is Nixon, and the civil war president Lincoln. Now all of them have one in common they have not the slightest respect on the constitution. It was meant to keep the state ouf of ones live. But what did you they do? They send their citizens into battle, they’ve stolen their property and they forced them into health care. What do you think are? God?

Your data

belong to you. Feel free to give them away to whomever you like but don’t be surprised if it backfires.

With every new day and new news about Facebook I’m happy I’m not “in”. If you just google for my name you can get a lot of information. And
I know this will stay forever. Yes I’m unimportant and nobody but maybe one or two cares. That’s fine with me. But I write what I think and “reveal” what
I want and what I decide.

With Facebook I know all my data are in access to Facebook, who am I to know to whom they give access even if I would not agree?
I simply do not know. Facebook needs desperately new sources of income. There stocks still are hell of expensive, and they must earn much more to get
just near somewhat rational regions. So If they’d earn 10 billions one might things that 90 billions are “fair” priced, But
So what else but your data should drive it’s profits.

If you feel Facebook offers something to you then fine use it, but I for my part have decided that I want mine to stay mine. I do not want even more advertisements in my
mail box, nor do I like to get stuffed with it every day, every click. In Germany the biggest advisor for debt handling Schufa have announced to start collecting user information
on facebook for their credit rankings. How would you like that? I can just say, I’m not amused.

And within 5 years I’m sure you state agencies will put pressure on Facebook to get hands on our data. Of course all for the greater goog of the american state. And they will tell, those who do not have anything to hide can simply disclose that information. Well I guess they will do it even more “subtle”. I bet Facebook will find a way to provide them with your data. Backdoors, hacker attacks, viruses, trojan horse, I don’t doubt it a second that NSA should be able to crack accounts in the hundreds of thousands if they are inclined and told to do so. Your data? Not if you give them away that freely…..

Times they change

Dear Reader you probably know why the NATO is in Afghanistan?

Well it’s to fight terrorism. We know the worst we can imagine is that the Taliban will rule again.

Feel free to check
And there we can read:
“. The US viewed the conflict in Afghanistan as an integral Cold War struggle, and the CIA provided assistance to anti-Soviet forces through the Pakistani intelligence services, in a program called Operation Cyclone.[72][73]”

The following page is cited also:

Now think about it. The Criminal Intelligency Agency was authorised be the president of the United state to “handle” that stuff. Well how would you name something like supporting war in without beeing involved officially. The CIA works outside any limits, I guess the way things work is the president says something. the CIA hears and start acting. They can so without much control from any parliament, They even can gather their own finaces with illegal transactions (e.g selling drugs) So the US fights drugs at the US/Mexican border but the CIA is free to just ignore that. Feel free to fetch the Book “Liberty defined” by Ron Paul.

Now if you bee a soldier down in Afghanistan. Guess what you are fighting someone who was financed and supported by your own government, You feel that “thrill”?

The state never was the solution to any problem and you can see it’s getting worse the bigger the state gets. In the end one really can day ” you got what you’ve paid for…” Big government -> big injustice and -> a terrifying large number of casualties.

Lybia and Syria

Well “nice” to see if two do the same it’s not the same.

Ghadaffi kills his population and all but a few come with planes and bombs.

Assad kills his population and it’s not even mentioned.

I wonder what will happen if the population will walk the streets in Germany and USA. Maybe in Germany we start another war for “freeing” the poor population?

One can not believe this. The most important thing yesterday has been some totally unimportant wedding but the killing of a few dozens or even hundreds. Who cares?

Just and unjust wars?

Well what’s so very special about Lybia? Why is it “ok” to go to war with them but why not to  any other dictatorships?

We all know it can’t e civil rights, because they never were a problem in the past and still ain’t a problem with a lot of other countries.  In front of them all China. We even know civil rights are disputable by the US. Or can anyone see anything else but that with Guantanamo.

Now  you may say: It’s the oil stupid. I’m afraid this does not buy you anything. Lybia always has delivered. So no this seems not to be the reason.

Now let’s ask another way. Who started it all. The French “president” Sarkozy. So now we probably come to the real reasons. At first his party is hard pressed by the NP and his popularity is “gone”.  France has as other European Countries too much debt and the population gets older and older. There are not reserves  and so it seems extending the power of France over their “border” and getting hands on somthing as important as the Oil from Lybia is, you’ve to admit, appealing.

If we consider that Politicians (sorry deledefs) are masters of double-speech and double-think. It all falls into places. You say we must get rid of the dictator and let Lybia get “democratic”. Now in the back he probably think: “and well they better get democratic the  “french” way. You probably can say. “Well we the French will help you build up your society” and you can bet they’ll promise sending money. Money they don’t have but you know we just have to take more credit and all is fine.

In return you may come to an “agreement” which allows some government controlled corporation (France is full of them) to exploit the  Oil fields. And suddenly the pieces fall in place. You get some thing people “want” and desire “oil” and you get money and “more” power and control

This sounds reasonable for the french intentions. It does not explain the participation of the US and GB. But GB seems to always be ready to go to war for whatever reason. Maybe it has something to due with “Britannia rule the world” or  the like. One things the least interested country be the US. But I guess they still think of themselves as the “super power”, they have  not get it that they are “loosing” this status. Too much debt and too far extended war areas have brought down every imperial. Just think of Alexander the “Great”, the Persian, the Mongols, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Greek, Rome, Germany, Great Britain, France etc.

No super power ever in the world was able to extend their influence above a certain level. And it seems the US are following this route. They simply can not afford going to war “everywhere” they did loose in Vietnam, and well you can’t say they won in Afghanistan. So yes I think they overstretched their possibilities. But seeing that and accepting it are “different” pair of shoes….

There’ can’t be any doubt that Ghadffi is a dictator int the worse sense. He has oppressed all the citizens but those which currently favour him. However the US, and we all will see that getting rid of a dictator does not mean get rid of dictator ship. For that one needs a “complete” defeat as we’ve seen it in Germany. But still after the WW II many of the “high” rollers get high positions in the “new” country also. You know bureaucrats are unflexible if dealing with people like you an me, but are high flexiblity on whom rules they follow. However the Germans were fed up with the nazis, do we know if the population of Lybia is also?


We also remember the US have supported the fundamentalists in Afghanistan as they were on war with Russia. The same which have started their actions in the US. Al Kaida was obviously financed by much of American money, as they were aimable. They spend their money on weapons and brain-washing. And now the US is trying to defeat them… It’s not unlikely that the rebels are  of the same kind. So it seems the US better had not followed France. I bet even if Ghadaffi has gone, we’ll here from Lybia and “terrorists” again. And that after the failed war in Afghanistan. The politician of US and other countries do not learn…..


How many measurements do exist

For deciding if one goes to war or not?

So there will be a flight-prohibited zone above Lybia. Well what about Bahrain? What about Yemen?

The french president clams a “vicotry” also above Germany. Oh yeah, the french go to war (but only Lybia) they do nothing for Bahrain or Yemen. I guess that’s “just”

I can’t tell what would be a proper “reaction”. But it’s obvious that this is as arbitrary as it can get. Ah yes Quadaffi is “brutal”, what a suprise!. For 30 years it was good to be “kind” to him
how many were killed during that time or just vanished? But no Quadaffi was good because he “stabilizes”. What? Ah yes the fundamentalists. What a a nice “thing”.

I wish all the men in north africa peace, an the freedom to say “thanks, but no” we do no need politicians. There’s nothing good to be expected. As long as corruption and nepotism is “the way of live”, no one can live in peace. I’d suggest opening all frontiers, getting rid of all the politicians and go back to money with “real” value. If they don’t to that the way is chrystal clear the “choosen” (by whatever means) control the money, the print it and use if first. Quaddafis fortune is estimated to be between 20 – 150 Billions. Have he worked for that money? No he has the guns and got it from everyone by force. What a “great” man.

He is and was rich enough to buy soldiers as he liked. And well it seems those bought have not problems killing whatever comes along. Be it other soldiers, men, women or children. So yes he should “be sued” for it. But why then stop with Quadaffi? There’s not reason for that really. All this countries are more or less led by “clans” and so how many of them should “be killed”? We have accepted them as “real partner”, the policitians and manager have visited them to “get into business”. So either they were wrong the whole time or they are wrong now. When was the time wrong became right and when was the time where write became wrong? I don’t know. But I know that nearly all of the population have suffered under their “leaders” and so I wish them all that their “leaders” will have to go.

However I’m sceptical, there will be new “leaders” and it’s not unlikely that the will be as bad as the earlier ones… Maybe even worse. Who knows?

Show your face (the real one)

It’s always interesting to see how Deledefs make their “own” kind of reality. Let’s take using stolen things for something. We can assume it was illegal to send the docs from the diverse places to wikileak. Now we can see interesting reaction: Those publishing that stuff should be jailed or even better killed. The always start babbling about security of whomever. Who has send the soldiers down to Iraque/Afghanistan. Yes indeed the same persons. It is acceptable to harm someone in the name of some artificial construct like a country, but if information is published about the same mission, than this is an unacceptable risk?

Then the very same deldefs accept happily a CD which people supposed not having to pay their (though of “just” taxes). The even have paid for such a CD. The stuff is stolen, but hey it’s government. They can use whatever they get to put more pressure on their own citizens well this name is kindly phrased for subject.

It’s quite interesting, how you can get to such a brain split. Everything coming from government is good, everything else bad? Every one else knows it does not come anything good from government. You get in touch with them, you will have to pay dearly.

But hey the saying is. “It’s sweet to die for you country”. Why don’t the Deledefs do us a favor and take this sweeties?

Introducing a new? scenario

Well it looks as if the diverse reserve banks like to start a degradation race. Simple and convincing idea. Well we just can out of this mess (we have encumbered) with exporting as much as we can. And well they did not say it yet, but are surely working on it. They want to raise the import barriers. They did not have learnt just the slighest things from the past. This was the road to the big world wars, and other global financial crises. How one can think that things having turned ot bad in the past suddenly start working automagically is beyond my understanding. And even if we wouldn’t have had the wors or other economic crises. If there is one but one road to poverty and dead, it’s hindering free trade.

But well if you live in deledefs land of plenty, everything is just a wish away…..

Simple but legendary

Well I do not know how many of you can associate Ludwig Erhardt with something. However a books published in 1957 and now in it’s eights or so edition. Still is
as actual and valid as before. The most prominent example:
“Price stability should be considered a base human right”

Why is that simple but legendary. Well money is the mean to freeze demands. If anyone just spends all he/she has, nothing is left for investing. So someone must
have act economical sound, such that he/she can afford not to spend all one’s money. Now this money is earned at a certain point in time. And in that certain point in time the money has it’s “original” value. Now what happens while prices are not stable? It’s simple work in the past is devalued. How? Well simple the if money looses half it’s value in let’s say 10 years. The original save has been betrayed. And look into the big inflations. You always will see the honest man living withing it’s bounds was betrayed. And especially in Germany who was responsible for this. Well in every war people should buy bonds, but this is just to make those keen on having war more or less happy. And well because they have the guns they do not argue about it they just make a law which demands that all the money has to be put into “war bonds”. Well they will be named differently probably. But it’s for stealing money of worth and living the creditors with the vague hope of economic recovery.

Well after war there is alway economic recovery but it’s not that the governements will ever pay back their debts. They will do currency cuts, deevaluate the old debts and isssue new worthless money. As long as they have the power to play with our values that way, any hope of improvements are vain. So how does your country handle price stability?

See what happens in hyperinflations. See how poor one can get if money is no longer worth anything. There is not better way to ruin any country but through ruining their money.

Now 60 years later this is still a simple truth. But it’s also legend.

A new round of insanity

Ah, well somone would call it “Living in interesting times”. I’d rather read it like, going to die.

The EU considers now (b)failing out Countries, our  first try Greece, next stop (who knows) but it can’t took that long
till it’s Germany. I guess this will be the mother of all failouts. I wonder which country can affort to buy out us Germans. I don’t expect the USA beeing capable of that.
No bailout has worked till now but that does not hinder politicians to try again with another trillion…

Howerver if there are laws against such things. In short it’s. “No country has to guarantee for debts of another country”. So yes it was “never” allowed to do so, but
they’re trying hard to “revert” that. And from there on moral hazard is all there will be. Who will judge which country to bailout and which one will be allowed to fail.

The end will be poverty everywhere and with high likliness, war. It never has been different and I’m not that optimistic that this will change. After the war there will no welfare any longer
just what people will  do to help another. And the buroeaucrats will linger in the background, waiting patiently to show there cruelty again…

It’s depressing.