Schlagwort-Archive: things that stink

A lot of things

just stink. Now I have to read really bad comments about Berlusconi, but years after years nobody but a few did not have had anything against him. Hi tries to avoid processes with special laws targeting his wrong-doing. Tried to shorten statutory periods of limitation. All this was done during his whole period of “leadership”. Was there much critique?

No, he’s the leader of a big economy and nearly all is fine. Now he was gone and now hardly anything is fine any more, that stinks.

The EZB was started with the one and only goal stability of the currency. And is now buying bad bonds as mad and is the one of the biggest bad banks around. That stinks.

Everyday we get new laws to save us from ourselves, and this laws are binding to us. We have to follow otherwise we will be prosecuted. Now there are laws which are broken by our parties over and over again, and we do not even have a chance to question them in court. This laws are not binding to deledefs, that stinks.

Just a small excerpt of things which have more than a smell. And as it seems there will be much more to come, that stinks.