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It’s very actual as you can see. And it does not shade a good light on the supporters of the man-made climate change.
Now if we consider what has happened the last half year in this area. We probably be well advised to distust claims and
laws put on us for fighting global warmth.

There’s one question left. Why has this been upheated that much. How does it come that science has not obeyed their
own base of success? could it be because of all this are paid for by mostly governemental organizations? As you can see the route to
more “politics” and less “freedom” is nearly universal. Laws have been made and “artificial” markets be established which deal with CO2 emissions.
See the last laws in the EU but also in the US the “health care system”. It’s always less for those beeing productive and more and more for unproductive
jobs etc. It’s like a mania, we can and will control everything, every aspect ot anyones life. And only the deledes know how to interpret that, they are the “only” ones
seeing. And failure is a no-no-no-no-no word for them. If they fail it’s just because they still havn’t enough power and or bureaucrats.
Trial-and-error is the way of science. There is not progress if you do not try anything, there can’t be any progress without failure. One can not “decide” that e.g the IT industry comes along,
one can not “decide” to create a new product out of thin air without trying what things work and what won’t.
How large the hybris must be that one believes that having success comes for free? How can one believe that the success of free markets just happens by “accident”. How comes the believe that
one not working under economic laws knows better about economics, than anyone working under the economic “realities”. How comes the believe in academics without
economic experience that those “know” how economics work?

How comes that so many believe that kind of nonsense?

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