I don’t think so

I’m not sure that all will get right without too much trouble. I’m not convinced that money prining does not do any harm in the middle run, and I’m sure that money printing itself is just another word for a big offence.

I was thinking along the following lines a few days ago, after my visit to Italy. That land is constantly on the edge of an default and still live goes one. I was hoping and thinking, we may copy that “life” model. But and this I have not made myself clear enough, may just be wishful thinking. Most of the time the ends of empires were filled with war, crime etc. I can convince myself that this will not happen this time.

I know for sure that the governments world-wide are building up their forces for the upcoming uproars. You can see it with the ever extending NSA spying and the ever extended money printing of all the central banks world-wide. Currently most still do believe in the purchasing power of their currencies, and as long as this belief is not shaken, not much will happen really. The state will be expanded more and more to “fill” the gaps of the failures of capitalism. That it’s there own wrong-doing, well you will not doubt your friendly crony capitalist – or will you?

But such things just run along for a certain time and I’m afraid the sudden break may come as a surprise. IMHO it’s the same with earth quaked, the tensions are raising but everything looks still, and then comes the outburst of the sheer force and we are “lost”. I’m more afraid that it’s the same with governments and their parasites (sorry but there’s not less harsh word suitable for them).

Too many do live on the expenses of others, that’s the sad but nevertheless truth. The states do have extended beyond reasonable limits, and from there on there is but one way, leaving sanity more and more behind. We do have the most stupid laws in a long time, and everything is regulated – mostly very poor. If you just check the laws which came into existence in one year and read that we’re talling about 80 000 printed pages- something is clearly wrong. If you just would be able to follow the new laws you would have to read around 220 pages every day. That simply is impossible. So nobody can possible know all the stupid laws for oneself, but they still are laws and can and often will be enforced. So in short, you and I are criminals. There no “denying”, we can’t follow all the laws every time and so by definition we’re law breakers and that means criminals. (for the authorrities). Fear is a good means of ruling, and all our states are masters of it.

But there is an end too all madness, and that does not turn out to run without violence most of the time. So no I don’t think we get away without a lot of violence waiting to be happen.

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