The state of the US finances

I’ve calculated a bit.
The US is at the edge of the Colorado plateau.

They will be one step further tomorrow.

They had good chance to break out just 5 or so years ago. But they thought they are smarter than everyone of that simple “economic” things to not hold for them. Do I really have to remember all the capital offenses they did and do.

I do not have to rewrite them all here. Just look over this Blog and you see the warnings. But hey I just keep on simple one thing on my mind. “Live within your limits”. This is probably too easy, or boring or what. But it seems this old rule just holds. Who but deledefs could be suprised?

And believe it or not our deledefs are doing exactly the same wrong things. I should not be suprised, but still am. Such obvious offenses and nobody cares….

The end can’t come soon enough….

See my suggestions on how to prepare your surviving. Don’t tell me nobody has told you….

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