Let’s get over it.

For year now the establishement tries to save themselves while taking every tax paying cititzen as hostage.

I started my other blog some 3 or so years ago and added the Mises Blog last year. I just cite myself from my outer Mises Blog

or a bit earlier:

I may bore you to death with it, but I think it still is needed that there always was and is another way. If you just have but one plan you have at least two choices. Follow the plan or DO NOTHING.
If you are at the edge of a cliff and see the other side you can try to make one extra step. Or you can just stay, and think.

After a while of thinking you may see that it would be a bad idea to make the step and drop a few hundred meters. You won’t get on the other side while falling to death. So than you think a little longer and you could think of another way of getting to the other side. And you may start looking for bridge or the like. If you find one other “solution” you probably find some other solutions.

Now let’s come back to the state of affairs. If the politicians had stopped three years ago and thought. They might have realized the debt are too high and it won’t help to pile them up even higher. This never has happens with the majoritiy of hte politicians and so they became deledefs. Now everything else is a follow-up to this. And still the economic reality (the abyss) is real. I don’t know of the Deledefs have make the next stupid step. But even if, men will survive. Especially those having lived within their bounds.

You still may declare yourself independent of the stupidness of the deledefs….

For us all the declaration of independence would be sound money, while breaking the money monopoly of any government. Sound money means if you have money you still will be able to exchange that against goods you need. Unsound money may just be stuff to play with for children. So help to fight the central banks and fiat-money, and let’s the deledefs do the last stupid step alone…

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