Was this the beginning of the end?

I’m puzzling, was the buying of Skype the beginning of the end of Microsoft? What does have driven MS to spend as much money as 8 500 000 000 for that.

I don’t know where I’ve read it but there it was discussed that leaving one’s main area hardly is successfull very long. So what could MS have reached with their Cash cows for
8.5 billions? The MS-OSes are the “market” leader and office means nearly alway the MS Office suite. It is the tool for literally billons of people. This alone is “breath” taking.
And it runs on “your” machine.

For what will MS use Skype if not for “leaving” ones machine? So isn’t it the case that Skype is against the MS business model?

I really do not know if it was clever to take this step. I’m under the impression that MS just is “afraid”. Or maybe overconfident to “solve” the problems of the future. But if they leave their business behind
what else do they offer? MS is IMHO bound to “personal computers” and now they want to leave the “personal” behind….

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