There are debts, debts and debts

Not all debts are born equal. And even those being born equal may change over time.

You can bet it’s another round about Greece. So yes Greece has emitted bonds. (so for so bad). Now it’s getting a bit crazy. During 2010 these bonds were accepted as security for
other debts (so far so bad), but now after a year it tuns out this debts were to high. And now it’s get interesting The ECB is not allowed to finance the deficit of states. Now a few weeks ago the bonds were
“exchanged”. And hadn’t to bear the looses for this “debt cut”. So great the debts were born equal, but after finding their way into the ECB they got different. So indeed there are debtors and debtors. The Private companies do have to bear the losses but not the central banks. Well so far so much worse.

But know who has this exchanged debts? Well it seems the tax payers of europe do hold them now. Now that is really “great”. The ECB has accepted junk as security. Before the junk turns out to be junk it was
given to the tax payers of Europe. Now what is something I really call bad.

So indeed if you ever consider buying new bonds from states, be aware if banks get rid of those bonds as “security” for new credits at the ECB. You will be a last class debtor. So if you are really that stupid, I suggest to buy
another few bonds of Spain, Portugal and whatever state is in financial trouble. It’s a wonderful way to get you debts not paid and even “better” you are allowed to bear the costs of the losses in the banking system also, especially the ECB “losses”. Now tell me anything about theft…

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