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‘Independence Day Resurgence’ Is Awful

And I believe that is true, because I’ve seen the first film of it, then this is a bad film. Big government, never ever is a a good thing it’s hell on earth. And so I’d hope the aliens would wipe out any government of the earth and fill the word freedom with it’s true meaning. Freedom is the opposite of oppression, so freedom and government are in the end not to be pacified. Either one has freedom or government or force, government is the “only” element of force of so they want it to be.-  The only force which really is needed IMHO is the right to self defence, in the meaning that one has the right to defend against any try to take away from you what is yours.

I read she (the president) dies while killing the aliens, well am not sorry about that all to much, the state still persists, how “good” can that be? World government? Well why not write it honestly? World oppression? World dictatorship – I can not express how disbicabel I find that?

The day ” the moo is a harsh mistress” will be in the form of a film. Exactly that day I will cheer for the moon inhabitants and will feel sad for those who faught the soldiers from earth government and died during that .

The day any government will fall and not be resurected will be a glorious day for me, anyway I bet I will not live up to make it to that day. It will be the exchange from one oppresson to another – as always….. That’s what I expect…


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