Quite interesting

That so many seem to dislike C. Yes it has its shortcomings, but it’s one of the simpler languages overall, and it deserves the name “portable Assembler”. C runs everywhere, and C has built everything we are using today. Every wider used Operating System was mostly written in C. It starts with every Unix under the sun. It’s the foundation of Windows. There may be OSes out there not written in C, but I probably know just one Genera. C allows you to manipulate bits, and that’s as low as it can get.

Nearly any Database is written in C, be it the old ones, be it the new ones. There’s some kind of C compiler on every OS. It’s the lingua franca of the IT-Industry as we know it.

Let’s wait and see if if finds a descendant, there are candidates for that, one can doubt it will bet C++.

Whatever language you use, I strongly suggest you learn C too. I doubt you will never get in touch with it, and be it just to wrap some C-API for your programming language you’re currently using.

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