What the hell’s that name?

I expected that 😉 It plays a joke on the acronyms used in computer programming
it means nab means not a blog (https://www.q-software-solutions.de/hiki/?Friedrich)
yab means yet another blog.

I found myself commenting more and more and so I’d thought maybe it’s worth trying
it with a real blog.

I have quite a few strong opinions about the things I’m interested in. And so I feel free to publish

Ah yes before I forgot, diplomacy is one of my real weaknesses. If I think something is nonsense I will do write it.

I’m also quite sure that my postings won’t be very constant.

Now let me introduce myself. I’m programmer and do love my profession. Howerver you can read more about me at https://www.q-software-solutions.de/~frido. I’m mainly interested in Linux, programming languages, operating systems, software security. My preferred programming languages are C, Lisp, Emacs Lisp, Io, Smalltalk, Ruby, Ocaml, Haskell, Ruby, Eiffel and the like. I have a special dislike to C++ and Perl.

I’m interested in politics but unfortunately my opinion about politicians is a very dislike. I feel there decisions are mostly wrong and way too much short termed. I do like everything about technique but I’m strict against nuclear power. You can read a bit about that in the before mentioned pages. I do not have a great respect to most manages also. There claims on morality etc do not fit well with their behavior. And yes I’m a strict supporter of free markets and I think that people should be held responsible for their actions. Everytime I see misfit, I’m getting very angry.

I will post in English and German.

So welcome to anyone who might be interested

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