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The usual stupidity

of politician sorry deledefs.

This time in the name “of saving mother nature”. This times by mean of bioful. According to this:

One needs more energy to produce bioful than it yields. I guess this should be the political counterpart of a perpetual mobile.

I guess nothing can be too expensive or stupid to ruin the whole mankind. This time we need more energy than before to have even more CO2 produced in the name
of CO2 reduction. Now tell me anything about stupidity.

Strange enough my predictions bear fruit. I told we can expect raising prices, and yes we have raising prices. But in the land of arbitrariness through the concept of core inflation. This is not counted as inflation. So the defrauders conceil their wrong-doings. Or even simpler, the raising prices are due to speculation. And fighting against speculation allowes for even more
laws to “fight” the bad speculants. And so spiral towards the abyss. More bureaucracy means more waste and more wrong-doing. And there is no correction for it because bureaucracy is just supervises by itself. The way is chrystal clear… Anyone but deledefs can see it…..

There are things that irrational I can not even get on it in my wildest dreams

If the stuff here is true:

Than I just can not believe in health sanity of authorities any more. I have my troubles with them but I assume at least some level of rationality. So much about “belief” contra science.

Fortunatly you can try to deny science for a few hundred years but you can not stop it. That’s the only consoling on has.

I thought we left the time of the burning of witches. Will it come back, will it be life threatening to not think as one is supposed to think from do-gooder?

This is depressing. Now that sciences start fighting back against the climate apologists, the leave the ground of rationality and put in place attitude (Gesinnung)