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That’s way too ridiciolous

even by lowest standards and even the lowest standard I hold for the FED

The P/E is as high as nearly ever.

So if the the head of the most influential central bank world word, does not get that right. Then we’re sure in tales land.

I still can’t believe what she is saying about it. It’s denying in it’s most cruel-  form.-  And that will fire back, one can be sure about it.

Germany will go down the drain

It’s inevitable. To many here do not understand the simplest economic rule any more.

On of the new “pets” (in fact dragons in disguise) is called base income payment for every german. No question about work no question who has to pay. Every German should get a certain payment (let’s say 800 €) without any further request from whom?

Guess once

Guess twice

From the state. Now what a “nice” idea. One stupid question who pays?

I guess the answer is clear:the COFH (Capitalist Of Hell) .

So let us do a rough calculation 80 million germans with 800 € monthly payments make for 80 000 000 * 800 * 12 = 768 000 000 000. Wow that’s easy just 758 billions. Just a small reminder, the current budget is around 300 billions. Ah yes I’m sure that will work well.

We can calculate another way Germany average retirement payments are 700 € /month. and this costs the state 80 billions. So let us calculate with this figures. So let’s say 1/3 of the Germans are in retirement, that are roughly around 80 / 3 = 26,7 million. So the costs are easy to calculate: around 226 800 000 000. So we can say 1/3 of the retirement payments have to be borne by the state. Let us just increase the average montly payment to 800 so we would have costs of 259 200 000 000 on third of this would be 86,4 billions. So just for getting near that “base” payment for retired men/women we need another 6 billions of credit…. And now imagine how this system will do if people which have retired will raise…

Again this complete stuff can not have been properly “calculated” it’s unbearable, but that does not matter for the Germans. This is just and so it must be so…. This just means we are so fubar that it just hurts…

Another sentence for “I’m stupid”

I wonder really what this “occupy wall street” guys want to tell me. Don’t the be ashamed of what they do?.

Who has made the bailout-packages?

Who has mad the laws under which banks have to work?

Who is printing money as there will be no tomorrow.

Who has trillions of debts all-over-the-world?

It’s everyones right to say I’m a stupid one, but hey I’m in the majority. And so even if I’m stupid I can not be wrong.

I wish them all the poverty they deserve. We’ll see what happens if market will be strangled to death. I bet they will go unofficial while visiting black (oh suprise) markets just to survive… I really wish them all the worse they’re wishing for.

New lows? Sure new lows !!

Well it seems the lows were not low enough

1) The USA growth was cut by 2/3 from the “experts”

2) The help for Greece is not enough the “saving” goals will not be reached

3) Gold climbs again but the Germans sell their Gold attire (do they really think they will not miss some value to barter with on the markets?)

4) Italys Berlusconsi says Italy is shit

5) Obama “promised 1 Million new jobs”

6) Bernanke does not do anything currently but has vengeance weapons.

7) The people still buy swiss money as if there won’t be tomorrw

8) The economy growth in Germany is supposed to get much slower

9) Many Germans give a sh… on their own personal debts.

Dear Readers, you can see they do not what they do but they are marching on….

You remember my predictions? Well inflation is still high and yield are on record low. That means you loose money while you bu bonds. If you feel like burning money, do me a favor and send the money you like to burn to me. I’ll buy some extra precious metals…..

I found this in my other blog written some 3 years or so ago:

It could be that the around 10 trillions or so have bought us 3 years. Well half of the time the whole have worked for that much money, and it does not seem to help,. I bet another non-existant 10 trillions wil harly buy us another 3 years maybe 1-2.. and then?

One of those days

where neithe the sun warms nor the wind cools. It’s one of thos days grey-in-grey my photo cells on the roof deliver energy just enough energy for one 40 W bulb. In best times I can get over 5000 W an hour which surely is enough for all our needs. Anyway not today.

Now how provides my energy today. In honest I’ve change some 3 or so years ago to an energy suppliert not using coal or nuclear power. Thanks to markets I had have and still have this chance. So today my energy comes as usually from water. But to a large extend this is not what the “normal” users will get. They will get their energy from coal/gas/oil/nucelar power plants. Howerver you see all the photo cells are useless today all the wind engines are “superfluoous” today so in fact two times the needs of the people are installed. One time with “renewable” energies and the other times with conventional plants. Well that means also that we have at least double the costs for a reliable energy supply. So in fact today is exactly a day where not even tons of money would help with energy production from renewable sources. Bad for all the users that they still have to pay all the prices be it from the renewable energies and “conventional” energies.

However more interesting, there was a gold rush time for suppliers of photo cells. (maybe around 2007/2008) and this was due to what? Well just one word subsidies. I know first hand because In 2008 I bought my photo cells and for now 20 years the following price is guaranteed: 46,75 €/KWH. that’s nearly four times the price for a standard KWH. Who has to pay, well the other inhabitants of Germany not lucky enough having their own roof full of cells.

Am I regretting this buy. Not at all, I named it to that time self-defense. And that is as I see it still. I’m not one of those paying the bills of bureaucrats and deledefs without trying to avoid them. Yes I know I harm others but this is government induced. I would not have bought the cells just for my own pleasure. They were much too expensive to really be competitive. They just get competitive through one of the greatest thefts in history. Introduced and bared from all this f….. deledefs. There is not exception to this stupidity any longer in Germany.

However it’s getting worse. The cell producers had their height in or around 2007/2008 since then the guaranteed prices have dropped massively I think they are barley above 20 ct/KWH now.
And now just see the stock prices for those cell producers. The dropped between 70 to over 95 % from their highest levels. So you still can see without this absolutely brain-dead subsidies they still can not produce the cells as cheap to be competitive.

Do you think the Deledefs are mentioning that during their speeches about sustainable energies. Not a word, they just tell us that “many” working places were created for that. And that Germany is the leader in “green ” technology. Just think about it a second. The prices for the cell producers are completely under water and it’s just a question of time when the first will get bankrupt. What about the many work-places than?

In honesty there is hardly a better example on deception one can find world-wide. The big “change” just hot words and substance. As I wrote at the beginning. “One of those days”….

As time goes by

We once had some good journals here in Germany. This times have com to an end within the last 3 years.

They are now writing as if they would be paid by the diverse Shadows of Green parties. They are blaming speculators as the scape goats. And not even mention that they were for helping banks 3 or so years ago. I’ve written against this kind of “help” since the first failout package, and no austrian economics has supported this kind of wrong-doing. The incapable journalists just write about neo-liberalism. Which just is another word for the good state the bad economy. It’s fucking depressing to see a once capable journal writing that kind of crapp

No word about the fiat-money system, the melange out of big governement and big banks or big businesses. Not a single word. And here we go the state tries to control and gets bankrupt over that…..And the press just stands beside and applauses this kind of self-murdering….
Stupid, more stupid, Spiegel..l

Does the message will arrive?

I’m puzzling. Will the Delebets look at numbers and put of their rose-coloured glasses. Or will they
burn a few extra trillions?

Gold has reached again it’s highest value. Yesterday. In all but one currency the CHF has outperformed any other currency on the market AFAIKT. Does that mean anything?
Well it probably depends if you think democracy is good then the Swiss have a very good democracy. The population can question nearly any law from the authorities. This is near
unique world-wide. In Germany we have nothing comparable and so if you have chosen you are through with it. The Deledefs can do whatever they like. NO QUESTIONING.

They argue that the population would be overwhelmed to decide as the negotiators of the party. And so Merkel does what she likes hardly even hampered by any law. And that’s mostly similiar to other EU countries, Germany is not even the worst. From my point of view, the French and Italy are much “worse” of. Anyway will they just STOP once and think?

Would it be asked to much really to get to the ground of the austrian school of economics?

I’m afraid they would not hear or see the message if it would be 1 m away from them crying and with 1 m large letters. The Delebets have proved over and over again that they simply do not understand market, they have not idea about consequences of their doing. They really think if they want to achieve something, they can whatever they like. But you see they are wrong with the economy and especially wrong with currencies. The have sunk billions of Euros and still there is no improvement. They do not get that, they are asking for another few billions just to do the same stuff as before.
So I’m afraid the message will get lost.

I just want to keep it written down here. There are alternatives, I outlined them here over and over again and probably will another few hundred times.
The easy solution is “Go out of our ways”. Does this message will arrive some day?

Let’s get over it.

For year now the establishement tries to save themselves while taking every tax paying cititzen as hostage.

I started my other blog some 3 or so years ago and added the Mises Blog last year. I just cite myself from my outer Mises Blog

or a bit earlier:

I may bore you to death with it, but I think it still is needed that there always was and is another way. If you just have but one plan you have at least two choices. Follow the plan or DO NOTHING.
If you are at the edge of a cliff and see the other side you can try to make one extra step. Or you can just stay, and think.

After a while of thinking you may see that it would be a bad idea to make the step and drop a few hundred meters. You won’t get on the other side while falling to death. So than you think a little longer and you could think of another way of getting to the other side. And you may start looking for bridge or the like. If you find one other “solution” you probably find some other solutions.

Now let’s come back to the state of affairs. If the politicians had stopped three years ago and thought. They might have realized the debt are too high and it won’t help to pile them up even higher. This never has happens with the majoritiy of hte politicians and so they became deledefs. Now everything else is a follow-up to this. And still the economic reality (the abyss) is real. I don’t know of the Deledefs have make the next stupid step. But even if, men will survive. Especially those having lived within their bounds.

You still may declare yourself independent of the stupidness of the deledefs….

For us all the declaration of independence would be sound money, while breaking the money monopoly of any government. Sound money means if you have money you still will be able to exchange that against goods you need. Unsound money may just be stuff to play with for children. So help to fight the central banks and fiat-money, and let’s the deledefs do the last stupid step alone…

The usual stupidity

of politician sorry deledefs.

This time in the name “of saving mother nature”. This times by mean of bioful. According to this:

One needs more energy to produce bioful than it yields. I guess this should be the political counterpart of a perpetual mobile.

I guess nothing can be too expensive or stupid to ruin the whole mankind. This time we need more energy than before to have even more CO2 produced in the name
of CO2 reduction. Now tell me anything about stupidity.

Strange enough my predictions bear fruit. I told we can expect raising prices, and yes we have raising prices. But in the land of arbitrariness through the concept of core inflation. This is not counted as inflation. So the defrauders conceil their wrong-doings. Or even simpler, the raising prices are due to speculation. And fighting against speculation allowes for even more
laws to “fight” the bad speculants. And so spiral towards the abyss. More bureaucracy means more waste and more wrong-doing. And there is no correction for it because bureaucracy is just supervises by itself. The way is chrystal clear… Anyone but deledefs can see it…..

Give me a break

from you stupdity and recklessness and especially expertise.

Just see what the commision writes. The crises was forseeable. Well am not aware that anyone but the Austrians or near stand-bys have warned.
And well I do not know who is in that commission, but let us assume there as politcians in it which were there 2 years ago also. And so why “haven’t” they warned 2 years ago. Well I guess they thought it would be stupid not to get-rich-quick.

You can really see them showing us how stupid we should be. And of course it was lacking regulation which let to this disaster. How stupid is that?
Everyone in the bureaucracy then has backed up this Ponzi-Schemes. And you can see of course what should help “more” regulation. The “regulation by bankruptcy” is not an option. It would probably be too hard for those member of diverse “commissions”.

Fact is: The Fed has thown money on the market as if there will be no tomorrow. Dot.

Fact is: The politicians have forced financing of political correct groups. Dot.

Fact is: They have stolen from everyone and are declaring it as “the-one-and-only-that -possibly-could-be-done”. They are liars.

Guess what with the big-too-fail superstition this will be just the beginning of a crisis. I just can hope the deledefs have to “bail” out themselves. Better sooner than later.

Economig knowledge a scarce thing?

I wonder who can follow:^UDN,^GSPC

Bernanke does the same as Greenspun had did, flooding the markets with money. Well let me ask if

How should one interprete the following sentence:
“This is monetary policy, not something vital to the future of the world, like, say, who gets kicked off “Dancing with the Stars.” ”

Irony? Sarcasm? Well, if you just read on you read this
“Since very few people in Washington have his back — Democrats distrust him because he was appointed by Bush, and Republicans distrust him because he was reappointed by Obama — the mean girls and guys feel free to lob spitballs at him every time he gets up to speak.”

You can see the author means this literally. It’s unbelivable that this should be true:
“Daniel Gross is economics editor at Yahoo! Finance.”

He does not get one thing straight. And even more unberable:
“Bernanke engaged in plenty of unorthodox activities — taking short-term interest rates to close to zero,”

Just imagine monetary policy is unimportant but in the same arguments he points out what Bernanke has all done. Well if that all is so unimportant why should Bernanke do anything? Why does he even write a sentence about Bernankes actions?

Monetary policy is important and the most important goal of any monetary policy must be to have stable money. he does not even think that, that this is important. So it’s as saying air is not imporant. I guess we should give him a few hours in a cheese cover. If he survives, than I admit my error. Air than is unimportant, if we have to get him out of the cover and he surives than he may have to admit that AIR is important.

More than one big inflation has shown, there are much more loosers than gainers. And it always has shown also. Those having done responsible will have to pay for he others, and a new round of blood-sucking starts. We are surely in a blood bath, and Bernanke has started it.

Well irony get’s a new meaning, this is what I found a Mr Greeenspun has to say:

Negative and positive discrimination

Well let us assume you’re looking for a new car. You have your ideas about how your car should work or look.
Fortunatly we can choose among quite a few car sellers. Now let’s conclude you like a car for up to 7 people
not too, tall. Fine there are e.g Sharan and Galaxy here in Germany. Well in the past this was the same car just
branded differently. Now assume you find a Galaxy for 25 000 EUR and a Sharan for 25 000. Now you choose
Sharan. Be cautius if car buying would be like anti-discrimination laws. Ford could sue you. Simple reason you have discriminated against Ford
while you a) don’t like the color b) don’t like the sales person c) because the Ford was sliver instead of yellow

or whatever.

What would you tell Ford? Well if you are moderate you’d say: “Mind your own business”. With high probability you’d say. “Go to ….”

Now let’s change this so person searching for a job. They are both the same age, the have the same grade, hell they even have the same marks.
But one is as handsome a guy could be the other a girl at least that handsome. Your shop runs with 20-30 year old Nerds, which are full of Testerone.
Whom would you “choose”. Well bad decision. You either discriminate the handsome guy or even worse you discriminate because of “gender”. So what would
you tell the bureaucrats?

Well you better find a sound excuse for your choice. If not you may in for around before the court.

Well how do we make choices? Sometimes they are based on figures, sometimes they are a gut feeling. We simply do not know. But if you make an educated choice for a car.
everyone agrees it’s your business, if you make an educated guess with whom you like to work together, well be assured, someone may object and start crying: “Discrimination”

Krugman on the warpath again

this time it’s China. Not that I’m that found of it, but what Krugman want is that the Chinese
follow the US on the insane path. How to do that, well the Chinese do produce things, the US people like to buy,
and thos things are “cheaper” now, to counterbalance this the Chinese products must get more expensive. So what will
be the result, raising prices, the US people will get poorer. Another genious move from this, “steering” believers. It’s so stupid that it hurts
but they get away with it, and even more perverse, those not following have to pay also. US = freedom, may be a note on the side of
history. OOOOOOOOBama  GOOOOOOOO, ……………………………………….., the more far away the better.



It’s that easy

I cite from:,8599,1962294,00.html

“That’s in part because of global warming — hotter air can hold more
moisture, so when a storm gathers it can unleash massive amounts of

Well it’s not that dumb seeing alone, but seeing it together with the miserable data base of all the temperatures, the reasoning is clear.

It’s getting colder and/or it’s having more snow because it’s getting warmer.

So in some areas the warming will yield less rain etc, in other regions it will yield more snow and in other areas, nothing will happen. But it’s all because of global warming. It’s not because climate is changing constantly it’s because of our CO2 emissions or maybe, our breathing. At least we know we breath O2 and give away CO2, so the logical implication is. Get rif of 90% of men and all problems are gone….