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One can see the end

it’s kind of amazing. Here in Germany we can see a party dying. This party is dying because it is overwhelmed by cancer. The cancer is names, environment, lies and breaking of treaties.

I once was member of the party FDP which was kind of liberal party in Germany. But guess what has happened?

Indeed 2 years ago the voted for the diverse failout-plans (this was the begin of the dying)

The have reopened the discussion about nuclear power plants and how long they are allowed to run. The treateis for exiting out of this technology were underwritten (well it have been the Greens and the SPD) but anyway.
The changed the rules and treaties just a few months or so ago.

The was a voting in two countries and the FDP has lost heavily. In BW (a liberal voting country) they lost 2/3 of the votes. In RP they are “out”.

Now coms the death turn. They overthrow their own treaties (dead-sin for any liberal) and are not against every nuclear power and want to end it earlier than even the Greens.

You just can loose so much creditibility and well this was the last thing. They’ve errected a tombstone with the simple words “R.I.P FDP”

Now you know nature does not only destroy nature re-invents itself over and over again. Every spring the wonder of life is shown to us. And so the end of the FDP does mean there will be a new flower named “Liberty”. Sticking to it will see a wonder of “revival”. I hope I will be part of it, maybe I will even be among them. So wish me luck ….