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Has the “Endkampf” begun?

I wonder if we see the last tries for the social-democratic parties? Just imagine the following two numbers:
8 700 000 000 000
14 000 000 000 000

That are the debts of the EU and the US. Both are currently riding on “experts” like Krugman, which say Inflation is not a problem
I just suggest looking up hyprinflations in the last 60 years. Politicians seem to be unwilling or blank stupid to not learn such things from history.
If things break down, the only think which “survives” is free trade. You can not stop it by any means, you can call it black market or whatever, but
it’s what people do to “survive”, and there all “political power ” simply stops… As long as we give politican the power over and over and over again
to manipulate money, we are asking for a bankupt (more sooner than later). The last european country bankruptcy is now Greece. See what happens over there.
Violence, protests etc. That harm was done 99.5 % by Politicians. I propose to think over how such things would be handled in an economic sound environment.
It means an end to the “current” leaders and other take over. Things to not de-evaluate completly, there are always things worth something and
others pick it up and make money out of it. If you try to “fight” such things, the problems surely pile up higher an higher an higher. The saying. The higher the climb the deeper the fall
never ever will be proofed wrong. Sure the EU has probably bought some time, but who can expect that “suddenly” the same in charge will suddenly proceed responsible?

I will not say they can not learn, but chances are slim they really do. Do I really have to point out some open questions?
– What good has the TARP money done?
– What good has the German FmStg done.

Now we do not even have to speculate about a few banks, but whole counties and countries. See what’ has happened to the 8 larges economy in the world they are
bankrupt, by any practical means. See the troubles spots here in Germany, where complete cities go down the drain. This all has to do with “bad economic” behaviour. And what happens?
People take their stuff and “go”. We have thousands of examples here in Germany where politicians have harmed the people, but still they are there and well it’s alway not
their fault. It’ s the circumstances, the speculator, the other politicians, the stupid people and whatever you can think of but never ever the own stupidity or inaptitude.

How can that be suprising if the only thing which can happen is that you won’t get re-elected? You get paid nevertheless, you do not have to please customers you just get paid from “the governement”.
If you looes a few millions, well bad luck but it’s not your fault it’s the agencies like Goldman Sachs, Young or whatever which have deceived the littel poor politicians. They handle sums in the millions and billions but
are not “responsible” they have to follow laws, regulations and if you follow the regulations you never ever can be guilty, can you?

We have decoupled the bearing of failure of successs. Just see the last 750 Billion raid in the EU. Greece has lied to the EU, it does not matter. We have laws against taking over debts of other countries in the EU,
it does not matter. Now the money was “celebrated” as a big win against speculants. So this was judges as success (well one should be carefulw with victory, Phyruss has put it properly) . If you think German papers just name it “a big raid” well think again. You have to read the Züricher Zeitung, to read a proper comment about this “gamling”…. And even the “independent” TV-stations just repeait the “mantra of the politicians” It’s the fault of the speculants. Well they do not mean the politicans with that…..