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It’s just show time

well or you can name is political theatre time.

If it wouldn’t be so serious one could sit back and enjoy the show. Anyway the US democrats and republicans will simply raise the debt barrier again and so the so called fiscal cliff will just vanish like snow in the sun.

Nothing will change, the fact that the USA is bankrupt. Not just in the tight sense of having nothing more but debts. But even in moral standards. The wars are unjust, the surveillance against the civil rights. The FED is an illegal construction and the green-buck with being backed up by something like gold or solver a sham.

So the system will break down. We do not know when and how. But it’s now unavoidable. The US with just 5% of the world population just stands for 42 % of all the NEW DEBTS. And every year now there is a deficit beyond 1.2 trillions (Yes I got that figures right).

So what we see is the last and biggest credit expansion ever. There’s nothing but too much money, and it helps the defrauders to expropriate those which still do have something of some value. The payments for the bank workers have nothing to do with fair payments. It just shows the owner have not way on stopping this Bankster. The bankster also have the advantage of the politicians on their side. (Who else should take the new debts) and the worst problem is absolute central the central bank FED. She will got down the drain and take the state with her.

Maybe the citizens will keep away the power of the parties. But chances of that are slim…. Maybe the go back to the core of the constituion, because one thing is for sure, the Deldefs and bureaucrats have broken it…

Now what’s up Fed?

Isn’t it time for QE IV? You still think you can print yourself out of the misery with even more worthless paper don’t you?

Just one question. Why hasn’t it worked in the past? What’s can be the problem? Are the printing presses to slow?

Well I bet the are not and adding a 0 here or there (what’s that among friends eh), could make us all trillionaires. But still there’s nothing more produced with
any printed cent. Production needs time, (saved money) and effort to get somewhere. A 100 Dollar bill printed today, just costs a few cents but “claims” to be
a value. How funny is that. I’m printing something on a sheet of paper, use my force monopoly and tell every one that is you value. That’s kind of absurd isn’t it.

Well the whole Fiat-money system is a sham. It’s the modern means of slavery. States demands your work and your income to keep itself going. And what’s the
aim of a state? They tell it’s about safety, security and last but no least justice. Bu in the end it’s a system of exploitation. The productive ones have to work and get hindered every
centimeter on their way. You want to open a business? Go to buraucrats? Maybe there’s even the obligation to see a notary for whatever paper work you are supposed to do, to
offer something. But that’s not all if you start offering a thousands of other laws come into play. And after the thing was produce and sold. Now the paper work goes on. Yes you might do YOU bookkkeping
by yourself also. But you’d do it as you find it useful for you. Stop, you simply can not do that.

You have to obey another few hundreds of laws for book-keeping. And don’t you dare to be “unfair” (in the meaning of buraucrats). You’d say I’d deduct a car in the year I buyed it. No you don’t you have to obey the guiddlines of yet someone else. The governments tells you what you are allowed to do or not. After that all you get taxed. Again there is not “obvious” service in return. It’s just that they decide how much you have to pay. and don’t you think two of you are treated equal. Assume the same job, the same in come and you’ll see hardly the same taxes. One may have saved something guess what he has to pay taxes again on this savings.

So in short you are just working for a small part for yourself. The rest is just to keep the vermins going. That’s the modern way of slavery. You are not free to do as wish, you are just free to wish what you long for in the bounds of the “insights” of government. Just tell me one reason that you have to pay land taxes. It’s you land and you have to pay for it as if it’s not yours? How pleasant, you just have to earn at least so much to pay that. If you don’t your land will not stay you land. It’s robbery or even worse it’s slavery.

I just wish all the parasites that they will get what they deserve. And then they look at you and tel you this plain lie. “We are here to serve you” It’s exactly the other way round. Correct is.
“It’s so nice that YOU have to serve us” that’s what they “mean” and they are not the slightest ashamed of it.

German magazines are just disappointing

If it comes to a least three themes

1) politicians and there wrong-doing

2) environmental questions

3) demanding more laws.

There was one of the most devastating earth quakes ever in Japan, the only “intersing” theme are nuclear plants… And they start bashing on the technolgy. Nothing but this technology has
prevented that less casualties. Just remember the big flood in 2004 more than 200 000 dead. The Japanse may get away with below 50 000 dead. That in such an crowded environment

Now the magazines declare the end of the nuclear power plants. This is “so ridicolous”. Germans are very “selective” about this, and the news magazines do everything they can to raise their fears as
much as they could.

One of the biggest frauds has taken place last weekend, the “wrong-doing” of bailing-outs should be “fixed”. Do you think anyone mentions it (in the “larger press), no just a few blogs mention it….

The french president has found another guilty groups the “speculants”. Ah yes how original and how “untrue”. But hey you know the Ps are right the citizens wrong. That’s a fact and the news magazines honor this “fact”.

It not just the magazines but also the government “wanted” television. The themes are as if they have a deal. We do everything to keep the citizens within the current political direction. With special
support for “environmental” question and of course bashing capitalists. Do you think there is pointing out where the deledefs all do wrong? Ha, think again….

to bubble or not to bubble?

this is the question. The Dax is up around 1000 points that are roughly 16,67 %, let’s see what the Dow has done:
up around 1000 points also that are roughly 9.6%. Well let’s see Gold: roughly up 300 EUR from 750 EUR beginning of the year, that are
gains of around 40%. Now is Gold a Bubble? Well it very depends on your point of view. Unfortunately neither the FED nor the EZB, show us a graph of the
money expansion and so we must deduct it from second sources: states that M3 grows was beyond 13% in 2004!!. So with all the buying of bonds, one can assume that M3 has grown beyond that limit in 2010. So we never will know really. How much money was generated out of the blue during the last three years and what’s the development of the prices. It could be that gold is a bubble, but it seems more likely that money was bubbled much more. So if we just assume a growth of 8% of M3 in 2009, and 2010. We should have seen a raise in the BIP of at least that much. This has not happened, and so the question persists where was this money spend? It seems very likely the distrust to paper-money has driven many people to buy sliver, gold, platinum.

Now we can bet on the next years. There is not strengthening of money policy in view. Bernanke just wanted to buy another few bonds at or around 600 Billions. in the EU the discussion is on to introduce “Euro bonds”. That are bonds backed up by the EU, backed up by different countries. This suggests that money supply will be plenty the forthcoming future. So I’d think we see another raise in all kinds of assets. (real ones not that funny junk bonds of any EU country or the US).

Where will this bubble end? Well we have learned in 2008 that there is no one-way street to higher prices. And we all know that even the sky has it’s limits. So either the central banks start contracting money or the bubble will burst with a loud bang. I’M very pessimistic that the central banks start acting responsible. I bet they fill follow the lead of the Japanese central bank and government, which now try for more than 10 years printing out there way of their recession. The result is that Japan has the highest rate of debts of all developed countries. And still it does not work. No-one is surprised but the Deledefs and it seem they believe the only way out of debt is collecting more debt..

Well this will not work and if the money bubble will burst, you hopefully have something of real value to trade or pay with. Gold is but one instrument. So I expect an extra raise of the gold price. And I expect it to inflate even stronger the more the central banks try to print us out of this crisis. If the gold prices starts cantering, all bets are off.

I really am curious which country first will draw the correct conclusions. The country which will end this fiat-money madness, will gain everything, people, money wealth. All others will end in misery and this misery has meant war in the past….

Inflating new bubbles

Unfortunately nothing was learned. As you may have registered the stock markets are going up. Well the suprise is not that large. There is so much funny mulitcolored paper available. Once it was known as curreny but it’s does not have any worth. So Gold is up over 80% in two years. And the stock have gained nearly as much. Currently you can even use this funny paper too buy houses for quite less of it. That bubble has burst around 2 years or so ago. Now the next bubble is raising, maybe it’s time to get rid of as much of this colorul paper as possible and take something no-one can raise artificially (at least not to a large extent). I propose investing in land. See that it’s fertile. The day will come where you’ll have to pay too much colorful paper to get full.

How it will come to that day. Well the argument of the deledefs and bureaucrats will be: “We had no choice…”

How much worth is your Euro?

Well in Germany we have one answer since yesterday. Ten years ago shares of ENBW were sold to the french government owned EBNF. That has cost them around 2.4 Billion Euro. Now the land Baden-Württemberg has bought back the shares. (nice side-note, the will publish a bond for that, and even nicer, it does not cost us tax payers anything) , the price. around 5 Billion. That is a raise of around 7% a year.. Now we know how stable our EUR is. Because it has not cost us anything we just need 7% raise of income every year to not loose anything. I’m just puzzling how many Germans were able to raise their wages from let’s say 3000 EUR to 6000 EUR….
Let us assume some really did manage it. Now at or around 36 000 EUR income a year one has to pay roughly 8000 EUR. For 72000 EUR roughly around: 23.281,74 Euro

Yes you might not know we have a just progressive income tax. So let’s be a little bit lazy. For having 36 000 income we need around 44 000 EUR a year for having 72000 we need at least 95 000 EUR. Anyway if you earn more than a littlle over 50000 EUR /year. you pay the highest possible tax. That are 42% + 5% (extra money for the German bailout of the GDR (now more than 20 years ago)) . However if you earn > 2700 netto month you are above average in Germany. So we’d be above average with the first number and you really have to search for those earning more > 95 000 EUR. But you know the Euro is stable. And we Germans are “richer” than ever….

So the question is who was able to get 51 000 EUR more income a year, and have earned 44 000 EUR ten years ago. For those of you, I have good news. The EUR was stable for you. All others, please let your member of parliament know that you have become poorer.

They simply do not get it.

The big troubles with our current “Politicians “is that they feel, that just given enough political influence all things will turn out good. This is a big mistake. The most urgent problem is to
give people confidence that they itself can manage their future. Currently they messages are only, if you trust us we’ll help you. Instead of. “Dear people, we’re sorry but some of you have messed up miserably. We see the problems but will refrain from anything about it, and we are sorry that we inflicted political guide lines on you which have turned out to be unsustainable.. We see our errors and will correct them, and stop putting “political correct” laws an you. We just will start looking for one but one thing. Stable money…..

This would be honest and “helpful”. But what they do is just saying. “Well we messed up and put you in misery, so give us more power to help you out this misery. surrender to us, we know what we’re doing”…..

Feel the difference. The base for the GFC is not too less political “messing-around”

Who is to blame

for the oil spill in the gulf. Well yes BP is the main reason but, the governement have decided after the Exon accident to limit the
liability to around 75 000 000. Maybe anyone can tell me why that was kept so low, the refineries earn Billions a year. So why
should they not be “fully” liable for such dangers. If they’d known that they have to pay dearly the probably have though about avoiding
such leaking. But well if you calculate with the above figure….

So the liability was put on the tax payers at a whole, but the profits were “privatized”… So again a nice example on what moral hazard really means….

Has the “Endkampf” begun?

I wonder if we see the last tries for the social-democratic parties? Just imagine the following two numbers:
8 700 000 000 000
14 000 000 000 000

That are the debts of the EU and the US. Both are currently riding on “experts” like Krugman, which say Inflation is not a problem
I just suggest looking up hyprinflations in the last 60 years. Politicians seem to be unwilling or blank stupid to not learn such things from history.
If things break down, the only think which “survives” is free trade. You can not stop it by any means, you can call it black market or whatever, but
it’s what people do to “survive”, and there all “political power ” simply stops… As long as we give politican the power over and over and over again
to manipulate money, we are asking for a bankupt (more sooner than later). The last european country bankruptcy is now Greece. See what happens over there.
Violence, protests etc. That harm was done 99.5 % by Politicians. I propose to think over how such things would be handled in an economic sound environment.
It means an end to the “current” leaders and other take over. Things to not de-evaluate completly, there are always things worth something and
others pick it up and make money out of it. If you try to “fight” such things, the problems surely pile up higher an higher an higher. The saying. The higher the climb the deeper the fall
never ever will be proofed wrong. Sure the EU has probably bought some time, but who can expect that “suddenly” the same in charge will suddenly proceed responsible?

I will not say they can not learn, but chances are slim they really do. Do I really have to point out some open questions?
– What good has the TARP money done?
– What good has the German FmStg done.

Now we do not even have to speculate about a few banks, but whole counties and countries. See what’ has happened to the 8 larges economy in the world they are
bankrupt, by any practical means. See the troubles spots here in Germany, where complete cities go down the drain. This all has to do with “bad economic” behaviour. And what happens?
People take their stuff and “go”. We have thousands of examples here in Germany where politicians have harmed the people, but still they are there and well it’s alway not
their fault. It’ s the circumstances, the speculator, the other politicians, the stupid people and whatever you can think of but never ever the own stupidity or inaptitude.

How can that be suprising if the only thing which can happen is that you won’t get re-elected? You get paid nevertheless, you do not have to please customers you just get paid from “the governement”.
If you looes a few millions, well bad luck but it’s not your fault it’s the agencies like Goldman Sachs, Young or whatever which have deceived the littel poor politicians. They handle sums in the millions and billions but
are not “responsible” they have to follow laws, regulations and if you follow the regulations you never ever can be guilty, can you?

We have decoupled the bearing of failure of successs. Just see the last 750 Billion raid in the EU. Greece has lied to the EU, it does not matter. We have laws against taking over debts of other countries in the EU,
it does not matter. Now the money was “celebrated” as a big win against speculants. So this was judges as success (well one should be carefulw with victory, Phyruss has put it properly) . If you think German papers just name it “a big raid” well think again. You have to read the Züricher Zeitung, to read a proper comment about this “gamling”…. And even the “independent” TV-stations just repeait the “mantra of the politicians” It’s the fault of the speculants. Well they do not mean the politicans with that…..

now you even got it black on white

the Raid is on it’s way. Only if the Bundesverfassungericht stops this deledefs, things can have a positve turn.
My last message about Investors now is all too true. You may make contracts with german governement, but don’t count
that they will stick to it. If it fits them, they may try to seize it from you.

Howerver even in the darkest hours of younger german history, there are politicians and not just thieves. Thos who have named it as it is, defrauding, and
which have say no. There ain’t much of them, but maybe one day in the future they will be the majority.

It will not be the Germany we know. It will be different, but surely better (well it hardly can get get much worse, but maybe they take from the former
DDR regime and maybe they will name thos who will try to leave this rat hole as “refuggees of the “republic”. Well I really don’t know if
one can translate “Republikflüchtige” that way.

I once liked the EUR, the rules were clear and it seemed the EUR could get more stable as any fiat-money before. But it’s was just “wishful-thinking”. Fiat money can
never have value nor ever will persist. It will always be an instrument to oppression it will alway be a symbol of arbitraryness of politcians. Our deep distrust for “too” much state just gets’ s fuelled over and over again. The worst countries currently are the EU, and the US, China, Japan. So there’s not much goodness left. And ones knows from history how that things turned out in the end. They
always end in some war and misery (if you are lucky you may survive).

Don’t make contracts with the EU

they will not served.

the EU will pay for the debts of Greece:

needless to say:


Now a giant new lie is done.

Don’t count on the fact that you have written contracts. If it pleases the EU politicians you
can do whatever you like with it…

How long will the EUR persist

Even frauds, are not a reason to throw out the defrauders. So the questions about help for those breaking all rules, are answered.

The politicians do not care a bit. If they steal, they name it taxes, if the do black-mailing it’s helping EU partners. If it’s burning money, then they all  are there
every counter but one has debts over debts and nothing more. And then they’ll go for another round of “stealing”. 


You don’t believe me? well check:

Artikel 125, Artikel 126 AEUV and you’ll see what they are doing.

I was once proud of  a few things in Germany, now I’m loosing the laste respect for anything….

The “allmighty” politicians

An intersting example of farsight of politicians. As some of you may know Greece, has terrible hard times with their deficits. some suggest that it has to be excluced from the EU currency area, however there are not provisions for such a  case. And now the others are navigatint along a path which is against their own given laws. as pointd out e.g here (!! in German)

In short the paragraph says no country  has to bear the debts of another country, but now they are “considering” giving debt guarantee to Greece. This is simply perversion of justice. Germans are hunted for tax evaded, while buing stolen data from someone having worke in Switzerland. The have choosen a similiar failout plan as the US and they have dispossessed the owner of HRE.

You see the tendency? I guess you are not suprised. One intervention asks for the next one and sooner or latter you are trapped. You can just go on with stealing for a while, if theres nothing left, all ends in misery. Especially we Germans have a lot of experiences with starting from “scratch”. Do we really have to prove it yet another time.?




Not very encouraging

Bloom of Doom V: “We have control of the ship, we have a plan”


Or maybe not? Is doomsday not that far away, the day the slavery through governement will end (for our “politicians”)?

I guess the answer will be we’ll see utterly nonsensical laws. I bet we’ll see the “dogs-not-eating-dog” agreements, maybe

a “fair-game” economy or something along that lines. And I could imagine the only thing we’ll here from our politicians:

“give us more money, and abondon all our rights”, “taxes are good the more we get from you the better it will be for all”



Getting the figures straight

Just found. The assets of the Deutsche Bahn are estimated at around 150 Mrd EUR. Now let’s assume the DB is there now for 60 years.

The new debts of German in 2019 are 100 Mrd (currently, still open to higher values, unlikely to be lower). So our Politicians just destrory something 

the Germans have paid for 60 years in just 2 years. This is so unbelievable that I hope someone can proof this figures wrong.

And again we have robber : people 100 :0….