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Don’t say you have not been warned

I wrote against it since the start of this blog. I warned of Obama, I warned of Trump and Clinton. I was totally against any bail-in, any bail-out. any EU support for countries in financial problems. I warned about the downswing in Griechenland and I warned also about the catastrophe in Venezuela.

I warned actively against any central bank and also I warned for the ever growing EU. You don’t have to believe me, you just can look through this blog or others I keep or write in: see e.g I especially warn against the current legal tender money.

Facts still are. You voted for Obama (most of you) and you get a nobel peace price winner who was in war over all his president ship. I told you before Obama is clueless about economy: You still voted for Obama and it has doubled your debts in just 8 years. Now that-´s more than nearly 200 hundred years back with all the wrong-doings of your politicians just before Obama. And still you voted for Obama the second time.

Now you will decide for Trump or Clinton, if you do, you are toast and rightly so. It does not have to bother me, but it will hit men world wide. With Mr Clinton war will never end. If war will end with Mr Trump, one can have at least a shimmer of hope. But they are both by any means worse candidates then even maybe Obama, and that means quite much.

Did anyone of the candidates suggest he/she will call back your soldiers? Does anyone has suggested to stop war against terrorism, war on drugs, war on whatever. Has anyone suggested to-  close down the central bank, hell has anyone even suggested to make no more debts?

Sorry it’s harsh but the truth. If you fucking morons do vote for either Clinton or Trump, the blood is also in/at your hands. We (the Austrians) told you not to go down that route, you are too stupid to grasp the problems with deep state. And yet since 200 years you are voting for the GOP or the Democrats. You deserve all the misery, you currently have to endure.

For anyone not voting for either Trump nor Clinton.-  You’ve tried, that’s more then one can say about anyone else. But it will cost your blood also. And not just those of the stupid voters for any out of the old parties.

May be harsh – ma y be not

anyway it-  seems voting for Clinton get’s more problematic by the day. I guess it’s not to far fetched to expect for Mr Clinton to be even worse as Obama. 8 years president and not a single day of peace with the nobel price peace winner. Now Clinton has supported that, and so another 8 year-  of war are to be expected – the question is where and against whom?

The USA drown in debts, higher deficit then ever, every third Dollar spend from the government comes from new debts. Does anyone believe there will be a change with Mrs Clinton? I could imagine they go on burning earth and men in the near east. Syria anyone? Irak anyone?

Be warned with Mrs Clinton war is the most likely outcome!

Time’s starting to tell

something, very easy to understand for any one who likes freedom who knows the base of liberalism in the european sense.-  What’s time telling? “It won’t be different this time”, anyone who does not know what I mean should run to the next shop an see the book “this time is different” it’s about bankruptcy and states.

All current Systems are very deep social democratic nearing socialism. Freedom is just-  a word they use to describe that you are free to agree with them or go to jail or even worse get killed.

Now see the things Obama really has done to the US. And there’s but one hallmark, soaring debts and being in wars during all the time. Now the USA is at war for nearly 15 years. Agreed the numbers of casualties is low, in fact so low that nobody objects. But soldiers of the US are dying in the non-declared wars, that’s the fact. And the other fact not even the central bank can hide:

The charts stop well in the past but the plus is immense from around 7 trillion to over 17 billions in not just 8 years. That’s the base line of Obamas “achievements” a total corrupt state, a state which is more orwellian than 1984 and still the same “rulers”. Just remember before the bullets hits you. It’s all for YOUR best, so they told/tell.

Here’s a more actual chart:

There is a pay back time

As sure as there is a day after tomorrow for at least another 3 billion years or so, there is a day one has to pay back one debts. There are but two ways to that

1) The pay back takes place
2) the pay back does not take place or is somehow modified.

Fact is: The world is running under a deficit. That means there is more consumed as was produced. That can work and that does not hold forever. So it’s clear the pay back will-  not take place. It now just a question how much theft will be left?

There is but one thing everyone can do about it: Don’t by bonds from states. If you do will surely loose, it may take some time but you will loose. If you spend you money on bonds of productive corporations there always is the chance that the money for pay back can and will be earned.- –  This is not possible for state debts. States can not produce, they just can consume and they just can pay this consumption with theft from every each citizen in their reach.

That’s the base line and nothing can change that. You just can and should act accordingly.

Unfortunately but true

The way into debt is the way into death.

We’re seeing it more and more in a growing number of countries. The debt mountains are very high and not bearable. So they must be “written down”. Those who have accumulated the debt do everything to get new debts. And they do accept every harm for anyone else. Currently it’s still peaceful, (besided the wars all over the world) but those are limited compared to the last World-War.

But will it be peaceful if states and large banks begin to fail? What will happen to the debts of the US, the EU countries, China, Japan? You can see the level of violence raises in countries near a default. Just look at Argentina, Bolivia, or why not Ukraine?

There’s still the on-going civil war in Syria, which well is not discusses very much any more. Now it’s the “coming”? crimean war. The point still is, they all have consumed too much in too short a time. And so they are desparatly in need for new financing sources. And well at the end of an imperium, usually stands war…

Will it be different this time?

Very justified question

Well I wrote here over an over again it’s not the question if, but only when. Unsustainable system must crash, sooner or later. Nothing can prevent that. I’m still not sure if the break-down is just around the corner or what else may happen. But one can be sure: They are still printing money and this always ends bad.

How comes I’m not surprised?

Two entries on the zerohedge log:

and one that leads me to:

That’s the difference between states and firms. States to make firms suffer and firms have to see how to get out of it with their own money. States never get out of it with “their” own money. They just steal more (that’s called tax)

The booms are introduced by to cheap money. And money without worth. That’s the point. If the US would have to gurantee their currency with something of value. They would not be able to pile up that many debts. So it’s easy, they export Dollars and get something of some real value in return. The Dollar owner just can “hope” that he may be able to buy something with an paper later.

The USA overall lives on the expenses of the world and still they have sky rocketing records of the food ration cards. In the end it means the debts are somewhere cycling around without being used for highering the the real goods output. And that fits perfectly. The debts we have in the states are circled around. Greece can not pay so they got “new money” read “new debts” from the EU. And the banks which take in the money are buying new “bonds” of states. Handing it out as “security” to the central banks and there is it the debt. The so called “assets” (bonds) read debt claim is the highes in all central banks ever in non-war times. So that means the central banks are the biggest holders of “promises” of states to pay back their debt.

Well that’s a neat system isn’t it. The states to guranteee the mony monopoly to the central banks and the central banks take the parity value of the bonds from states as “given”. So how long would you expect such a system to be trust-worthy?

It’s just show time

well or you can name is political theatre time.

If it wouldn’t be so serious one could sit back and enjoy the show. Anyway the US democrats and republicans will simply raise the debt barrier again and so the so called fiscal cliff will just vanish like snow in the sun.

Nothing will change, the fact that the USA is bankrupt. Not just in the tight sense of having nothing more but debts. But even in moral standards. The wars are unjust, the surveillance against the civil rights. The FED is an illegal construction and the green-buck with being backed up by something like gold or solver a sham.

So the system will break down. We do not know when and how. But it’s now unavoidable. The US with just 5% of the world population just stands for 42 % of all the NEW DEBTS. And every year now there is a deficit beyond 1.2 trillions (Yes I got that figures right).

So what we see is the last and biggest credit expansion ever. There’s nothing but too much money, and it helps the defrauders to expropriate those which still do have something of some value. The payments for the bank workers have nothing to do with fair payments. It just shows the owner have not way on stopping this Bankster. The bankster also have the advantage of the politicians on their side. (Who else should take the new debts) and the worst problem is absolute central the central bank FED. She will got down the drain and take the state with her.

Maybe the citizens will keep away the power of the parties. But chances of that are slim…. Maybe the go back to the core of the constituion, because one thing is for sure, the Deldefs and bureaucrats have broken it…

Contracts, Law or not

Well we learned the Greek do not want to pay their debt any more. Ah well it fits.
Who cares about contracts? Who cares about saving in time? Who cares if the states sprawl epidemic?

The socialists of all color are at work. We know that from the diverse books ob von Mises (in this case
And with too man of them (as e.g in Greece) the arbitrariness comes

It’s clear that if you do have got paid from states (which means someone else has to pay for you, without the need of any delivery from your side), you
like to keep it that way. And so if you go to the vote you will not choose for those “taking away” from you. Oh well yes who cares?
Promises, light money, deledefs, central banks every part enough to send you into default.

Now I’m interested how the other defrauders will act. Saving? Come on let’s be serious., that’s nothing deledefs can. They just can take more from the productive, burn more money and
grow like pestilence. You see the actions. Nothing really way saved, au contraire, the debts have grown even faster, and the levels of bureaucracy are still increased. Oh “yes” that’s what we need more thieves.

And you can bet the laws are getting worse. It’s more and more a means of oppression, it’s not to save the individual of their states, it’s to save the states for their people. It sucks very badly. And the states or nothing more than crooks. I hope they will have to pay their debts and misdeeds this time. (I know it’s more likely that hell freezes over)

Time for a book?

Dear readers it seems I have to suggest some literature for you.

Check out the following books: “Bailout nation”, “Credit Card Nation” and “Human Action”.

In 1998 there was a nation-wide negative saving rate at work. And you know that was also the time of the Internet bubble. Now in this extra 13 years nothing has changed. The debt has again more than doubled and it’s still raising. You can not have wealth without saving. You can not get rich on Credit. So fact is with debts everywhere the end can not be avoided. Kredit expansion is according to von MIses, incurable either one stop is or the currency will break. And if a currency breaks, poverty is the new “middle” class… Now with forgetting to save things the middle class is starting to go down. I propose you check the diverse countries in the US and you will see where people save there will be much less suffering.

The US has overstretched their limits and in fact it’s the biggest burner of money with it’s military machine. Military machine is just good for one thing destruction. And So the military will take it’s part in distruction of the US. And Obama has nothing done to prevent this. I remind you of my critical entries here about Obama and in fact it’s getting even worse. See e.g. Really the US is gone, it’s just a death corpse walking. But sooner or later it will crush and this will be the start of another civil war. Now around 150 years after the last , we come back to it. It’s devastating. I propose to start thinking about leaving the US. You may escape the war. But maybe not. The debt race still is open all over the world. …..

Now it’s official

The non-plan about a “voluntary” debt cut, is gone. Wel if you have followed this blog you know this hardly can be told to be a suprise.

At first If I’m having the bond I have the right to get my money back. It’s up to me and the debtor to figure something out if he’s not able to pay.
And there is the possibility to get an insurance about a non-paying debtor. So if I’m having the bond and such insurance. Why should I disclaim
my rights.

I swore myself some years ago never ever to buy any bond of any government any time again. And so I was out of this bonds in 2009.
So it’s should not be my business any more. But now the states decide to hand out money they to not have to other governments which
are broke. You can imagine how I feel about that. This is theft in it’s worst form. But it’s theft from governments, and then it’s not theft any more.
That’s ridiculous.

Anyway the private bond holders have said. We are not convinced and now it’s obvious Greece is broken. And the “saviors” of the other EU countries are on there way to
be broken also. Even the rating companies, finally realize that. But still they are givign most of the states something with an A in it. That’s stupid and another lie.
Fact ist all but a few countries are broke. Manys in the € zone and we do not have to talk about the US anymore. They has a debt increase over 70% in the last 3 years. They
are completly broken also. So neither of them deserves that anyones trusts them any more.

It seems that trust has gone down the drain. And that’s a good thing. I hope we’ll see the end of this Fiat-money system soon. And I wish this that those which have put us there, get their
deserved fait.

Going back in time

One of the nice and bad things about Internet is that you can find things you once wrote. This is what I found:

Now what has changed? Obama still is clueless. But no other has any more clue but Ron Paul. So nothing learned in 3 years and another 8 trillions of debts later. That’s really poor.

Think about it

even if not for all to long.

What has Obama said before he was voted? What of these things has he fullfilled?

If you find he has delivered what he promised, vote for him again. If you think he has delivered too less. Just do not vote for him. It’s everyones decision to
vote for or against some candidate.

If you think for the US for a while and see your bills of rights. Can you find your US in there?

If you think about the debts the US have, think about what will happen to you if you are that deep in debts.

If you have thought about this for a while, you may get an idea for whom to vote. Feel free to share that view with others.

Now I understand what Obama meant

in his past tries to win this election (which unfortunately he did win)

His motto was: “Yes we can”

I was always puzzling, “what the hell does he mean with “we caan” “. And now I know. He just mises a few little words.
Yes we can, make more debts”.

And they do, they make more debts as if there won’t be a tomorrow. And well if they proceed, there surely will be no tomorrow for them quite soon.

Because I see loosing them (the deledefs) as an advantage. I just can ask the member of the parliaments kindly. “Would you mind to give Obama another few trillions please”.
The next vote is just a little over a year. So maybe Obama can ruin the US till then. After that the people may consider what has made the US the economic giant,

If they figure that out, they may vote for a better president… It would serve us all.

Let’s think a little bit

Well maybe thinking is a litttle to much maybe speculate would be the better word.

As you may have read, Euro land is in as deep trouble as the US. It’s an open question who really is the worse, but well that’s another story.

Now we have read a lot of ideas about saving. One of the ideas of saving was a tighter “cooperation”, well it probably is a asked quite much to synchonise 27 different countries, but welll that’s another story again.

But now something changed the ideas slightly. At first Greece is finished. Well just remember the vote then the note vote etc. Anyway Greece just stands for around 350 billions of debt. If you look over Euroland this really is not much. Anyway with the default of Greece bonds french banks will get in knee deep trouble. So far there’s nothing new.

But here we go. The interest Italy has to offer are exploding. We are now well beyond 7%. That means a doubling of your debt in “just” 10 years. Or the other way round with 7% interest and 1.8 trillions of debt (official!!), Italy has to pay interest of 1.8 trillions in 10 years (with 7% interet). No that are as much as 180 biillions a year the budget of italy is well below that of Germany that are around 300 billions. So let’s assume 250 billions. You can see 180 billions are way too much. So saying that Italy is bankrupt also could be seen as fact.

Now as you know ESFS III should be leveareged to over 1 trillions guranteees (which seems to be illusory) just see my entry on my old mises blog at:

So with high likliness this all can not be expected to work. Now the “new” idea is to split up the euro zone into a core zone and a “rest” And now comes the information I found most “revealing”. This is driven by France and Germany. Now we know France and Germany have seen itself as “engines” of the eu process. but guess what the french banks have a hell of outstanding bonds from Italy of around 270 billions!. Now the budget of France surely is in that areas. So if italyy defaults France is “finished” also. They can not bear another 270 billions alons. If you see that with the work on the core europe one can come on some ideas….

Who could be suprised.

Ok the debt ceiling was risen and surprise surprise Obama want a new program of around 300 billions to “stimulate” the economy.

The Addicted get another round of their stuff, and they are using it. This time for “something” good….
As if there ever was anything else but “good”

I stick to my opinion about Obama. He’s a liar and has no clue about real economics. He lives in the same land-of-plenty, where one just prints money and everyone get more rich.
I’m really fed up with this deledefs

So here we go again the State can not initiate productive work, just conuming, and of we let us assume we need 100000 USD for a new jobs you can “calculate” how many news there might be. Don’t forget to count those loosing their job because the state thinks, it knows better….

After all this years.

The same simple questions, I asked 3 or more years ago remain unanswered.

How can even more cheap credit solve a problem which was caused by too much credit?

Now 3 years later and 4 000 000 000 000 later, the question still remains unanswered? How could it ever get better with even more “debt”?

That was overdue

Finally and it serves the US right, Especially Mr Yes-we-can president Obama.

The USA have lost their highest credit-ranking. It would have been better they would have been downgraded some 3 years ago. But better late than never.
14 Trillion (extended to 16 trillions (official debts) is way beyond any reason. And it’s the highest in times of peace. Well maybe the military adventures of the US
do not deserve to be named peace. Anyway there is not declared war but war on terrorism. With all it’s “magnificence”.

The US should see that debt is the start of the end. And their debt toll is way too much. There should be never any debt for governments. It just means they live without their financial bounds, and they deserve to suffer from it as any other “company”. No state does not deserve this special treatement and it just shows among the equal or some “more” equal.

Fortunatly the markets start to realize the mess the states are in. That’s really overdue. But again better late than never.

On just can hope that the US will have to pay higher interests also. The current money burning from the FED is also beyond any reason, and it serves them well that the markets realize that they are running the biggest ponzi-scheme ever. I hope the US citiizens vote for Ron Paul in 2012, but well I guess the big “business” firms and military complex of the US will support someone like Obama who gives them access to any purse. Nice to see the reactions of the bureaucrats, “unfair”, well no.. “well deserved”.

Just can say US citizens you will have choice next year. I’d suggest that you give Obama what he deserves, “go out of our ways”. That’s the best message I could imagine…

The US could do us all a favour

but well I guess who who think they will “shutdown” will be disapoointed. They will raise the limit and may it be a few just a few days in August.

They will swear the wildest oats that “this time everything is different” and they will “save money”. Guess what the charade will go on and in a few months years we’ll be exactly where we are
now. We’ll hear things like “But we do have saved, despite the fact that the expenses stil are higher than before” Their saving will also mean generating more income in one or the other way (just think about taxes).

So the favour they could do is stopping this lies. There is not “real” discussion. There is no “real” will to cut down expenses. Even if there were the ever increasing social transfer payments will just show. “It’s you rmoney we’re burning stupid.

Anyway as American I would really felt attacked on my honor. Do they really believe anyone believes what they say? Does they really know not most of them would despise them if they possibly could. Hundreds of thousands of laws all in the name of justice just can hide the fact that there’s but one thing in common in them. “Stealing freedom” and criminalize the own population. See the Minnessota shutdown, one need a licence so “sell” alcohol and because government does not work they are on their way getting illegal.

Liars, give us a break and do not prevent that you do anything good to use. This favour is not asked too much.

Some really got it

There’s a saying in Germany “Gut Ding will Weile haben” it seems the english counterpart is “haste makes waste”

At least a few probably have risen their head to see the light. They now tell us: “There’s no Euro crisis” (which is true because) “we have a debt crisis” which surely is true. Just leave aside the fact that
our money in the end is debt. So all our money is part of a really debt problem. Money should not be debt but value is the way to go in the shortest possible run. But indeed the Euro is not responsible for
careleless debt piling. Nobody in Greece was forced to accept debts and more debt and even more debts.

So let’s see debt not as the “money debt” but the debt of bonds etc. The bankrupt of Greece would not make the Euro suddenly worthless. Just the debt of the bonds would be “gone” (well more or less) So quite a few billions of debt would “vanish”. (Agreed they do not vanish into nothing, but Greece would see the result. If it ever will come back for asking fresh money in form of new bonds. People would surely require a premium. Despite anything this would be a good thing. If you know you have to bear quite a lot of intereste you’ll be cautious to improve your ranking and you will not pile up debts that fast. Unfortunatly this is not a “never ending story”, but that’s another “party”.

Now to see this debt problem and not make it worth with even more debt would be prudent policy. But as we now prudent and policy do not have anything in common but the first letter. Now with the inprudent policy of giving away 110 billion !! a year ago. The imprudence has make it a lot worth. Instead of let’s say 600 billions debts Greece now has 700 billions debt. And guess what it does not have lighten their burden in fact the landing will get harder. And do not add another unwise step the politicians should face it with a straight face. Greece is bankrupt now let’s see that we get over it without civil war. The way always is the same. The debitiors must bear the bill. If some of them will broke over it, then we must let them go also. I guess this later implications is what the deledefs fear more than anything else. So they probably will not “face” it but prolongate the suffering….

Just a few things I found

Today. One of my sites I visit regularly is:

Today I found this two entries:

Obama’s Medicare Appointee Has Accidental Encounter with Reality, Learns Nothing


and there are at least to more entries about “sense” and “no sense” maybe one should write nonsense, but at least something funny is usually around nonsense.

The points made are the extreme prices for health care (and their raising) and well on the other hand the “debts”. And believe it or not markets are taken as “beeing” efficient will day where there is market there hardly is much inflation, but if there is state induced “social fairness” all hell breaks loose. And guess what. If anyone complains about the debts collected by government and not willing
to allow even more debts, than this one is a terrorist. You can see how far away these guys are from sanity. There is not excuse for such lies. It just shows the path we follow if we believe in
“more government” as a solution.

Fact ist government just life on the expenses of those producing wealth. And states are just there to “lower” wealth. They start with laws, bring in more an more bureaucrats and more and more regulation and more and more ineffician work. Which is just there to keep the bureaucrats busy and show to everyone how important those are. But in fact the bureaucrats live in a world of “no customer” they do not serve anyone but themselves and they influences is just destructive. But then in the TV shows some “bad” thing is shown and then the usual answer is we need more control. It would be simple to just have judges which would sentences those wrong-doers to pay for their wrong-doing. But that does not happen, theay get limits and caps and all this from bureaucrats. And there we go the more bureaucrats the more stupid “laws”. So we are circling upwards in spiral.

good news?

I’m puzzling, Why is it good news that the US shutdown did not take place? They still have an insane budget deficit and the only thing they’ve agreed upon is written on some sheet
of paper.

We’re still talking about a deficit at or around 1 trillions. I calculated once how much this will cost in the future. And this money is not invested just “spend”. Spend for the current obligations of government.
There still are enormous amounts of money needed just to pay the “promises” like pension payments etc.

If we “break” it down to private people it’s that they needed new credits just to pay their eating bills. And there’s nothing left for uncertainties. You get ill or layed of? Well too bad, just ask for more credit.
So I can not the the success. It does not show how desperate the situation really it is. It’s just a message that everything goes on (bad) as usual.

Still all the money is sunk in diverse wars, and sunk into the most jails world-wide. The unemployment rate is not change “automagically” and people just get older and older. And just a few get all the money.
So where’s the good news really?

dead reace (was debt race)

Well I hardly could believe that:

It’s about the not covered expenses in the different states.
Now I was thinkin California was “bad”. Well it is but there are worse states. Nevada has a deficit of 45.x % that means for every dollar they spend they have to
get a credit from 45 ct. This is impossible to bear for anyone… But togehter the picute is even more dire. More than half of the states have a deficit beyond 10%.

10% deficit means withing 7 years you double your debts. This is unbearable. And so one has to conclude. The US is broken. They are acting as “super power” but well if the
machines all destroyed in war. They can not even buy them anew.

Those having read this blog know what I think of debt. Debt is evil and it’s even worse for governments because they take everyone of us as hostages. Even if the Land is bankrupt, the bureaucrats will find a way to suck up everything they can get from their “citizens”. All in the name that the “state” does know better. Well there lies, statistics and deledefs speak. You just have to keep in mind double-speak is “politicians” land. The name it political-correct or whatever but it means they lie, and lie again and if that does not work they put out their guns and ask “kindly” for you money. Well there’s still one more efficient things taxes. And so they name their thefts “tax” and taxes are “ok” and because they are ok they can get it by whatever means they find.

The debt race

Well you know what I think about debts. It’s the “evil”, and piling up debt after debt is a sure way to loose really big.


It seems in the USA two countries are hard struggling to be the biggest loosers. California and Illionois:

 The race is tight but it seems Illionois is more “broken” than California.

One even can read that partly IOUs were issued.

And bills are left unpaid for months.

Now how long will it go on?

The ever ending story?

I wonder when will we be relieved? Will we ever see the day where debts will not be glorfied? Will we ever come back to serious earning money by providing goods and services, or will we also get
hindered by bureaucrats?

This time Portugal has successfully raised new debts. Is this a success?

Well I ask you if you have 100 000 EUR debts and get another 10 000 is that a success?

Too much debt is the disease not the cure, but who but austrian oeconimics do get that.

I’m sure, the country first to ban debts and introduce real money, will be the land of plenty for “normal” people it will be hell for “bureaucrats , politicians” or short deledefs.

What land of plenty would you prefer?

what else? ….

debts again. This time it’s not in the US (they are just facing bankruptcy, but don’t worry. they will raise the allowance to make even more debts) but the EU


This time it’s again about the PIGS  states. Ireland has taken somewhere around 70 billions, now we have to see what Portugal will take. Of course with the usual tam tam. The have to save and the harshest  sanctions will take place if they will not do this or that or whatever.


You know what this is worth. It’s not even worth the typing I do for it. More debt as cure to too much debt. It’s the same old song, we’ve heard for years now. And heaven forbid if we simply allow Portugal to get

bankrupt. The world will come to a grinding halt…



If it comes to debt

nobody can beat the USA. The unbelievable sum is somewhere around 14 000 000 000 000 (14 trillions) the new debt every day is a around 4 000 000 000. That are new debt
of around 1 200 000 000 000. And yet it’s not “enough”, As we learned Geither wants the “right” to make even more debts. It’s interesting, a problem caused by too much debt trying to heal
with even more debt. And we are talking about the “official” debts, one can not even imagine the diverse hidden debts. Fact is if the Chinese will start selling bonds, the USA is “finished”.

And yet the live as there is no trouble nearby. They initiate programs which are unpayable. But they still pretend it’s “social” justice. I guess it’s very “just” if we head for another kind of civil war. Not ever in history there was so much debt out there, which lacks nearly any substance. Sure they’ve build houses like mad and what has happened, they are unsellable. There are regions where you can buy a house for few dollards, but after that comes the gruel awakening. You will get taxed, you will get taxed like mad. And this is “just”? California is bankrupt, and still they are doing as before.

I wonder when they will see that debt richness. Some of the deldedefs are dreaming of the “perpetuum mobile”. It does not matter if money is backed by anything it’s just important to throw out even more money at every problem and steal it from every living men in the US. They think people are so stupid to never realize that debt wealth. And yes the grow up there own lower class, because we know democracy is great and equality is even greater one men one vote is the “most just system imaginable”. If it means having the lower class vote for oneself because of benefits…, than it’s an easy deal

Make saving a “stupid” thing, make debts the “real” thing, tax away hard working people and give it to the spongers. And because you do not want to have it that obvious introduce a new bureaucracy which
has to look after the sponger, and say you need this bureaucracy to see that they do not live on expense of the others. This is to keep the honest people calm. Or even better try to make them all addictive. Addictive to the benefits of the great fair nannystate. Give those left right-doers the impression it’s them who are guilty of any poverty and that just the big government can do anything about it.

Something worth to be thinking about

Won’t you agree, that politicians have a strange kind of understanding about what people can and can’t do? In Germany we learned after a
referendum about changes in the way schooling has to run. There are a few interesting twarts in Germany.
– home schooling is a a no-no (well one family has been granted asylum in the US because of political chase, because they did not wanted to let their children go
to school)
– another speciality of Germany is a just 4 years long primary school. In Hamburg the CDU/Greens wanted to have 6 years of primary school. They were voted down and lost this case.
The four years will be kept.

Ok, now what’s the point? After this election a discussion has started on how to handle such referendums. And on of the politicians just said (not just anyone but the Chief of the CDU) that
people can’t be trusted not to choose without emotions. Especially problematic areas should be security and finances. Well this just shows what they think about us. We are hardly able to choose every 4 years our Deledefs, but hey we surely can’t be trusted with other questions. They are too complex and we’re too emotional and therefor votes could be at random. Well in Germany the parties have way too much power and they get special “care” from the political system. They get something called money for votes. That will say every vote will be paid for xy cent for the party which has won this vote….

And therefor it’s clear we should not to anything to constrain the power of the parties. They are the only ones which probably do not decide emotional or whatever. Well this whatever is interesting, at first we have > 1.7 billions of debts, I feel you can’t see that as an success. And more intersting that are just the official debts, there must be quite more but this information is not given out. This money is put in dubious shadow budgets. Not official and well nobody knows them all, but the interests surely have to be paid for…..

The war in Afghanistan is very doubtful also. And most of us would not have send even one soldier down there. But those which are there are poorly equipped. Whoever has “enjoyed” his time in the German army knows what bureaucracy and beeing underfunded means. Just one example the motorcyled used by dispatch riders are 2 strokes (12.5 PS) and around 50 years or so old…, I guess the whole fleet of vehicls will be between 10-20 years old (on average). So again they send our our people to war and let them alone with equipment which is totally antiquated…

But hey they are the only ones with are able for founded votes…..

bread and circuses

Well that’s what the german deledefs seem to prefer. As some of you might have heard a german “frollein” has won the European song contest.
Now the polticians declare her a “great” german figurehead. But you know, if you get instrumented from Politicians….

The other things which have happened are not that joyful. Now the discussion starts abot tax raising, VAT raising etc. Everything (but currently not education according ot our first deledef) has to expect cuts. Well I bet everyone will find enough reasons why his/her resort should be excempted. So my bet is:

– VAT will raise (they will call it harmonizing with other EU countries (another small reminder the last VAT raise vom 16 to 19% has just been undertaken around 3 years ago.
It has resulted in 23 Billion more “income” and it was supposed to be used for paying back the immense debts. Well yo can imagine what they are going to take now and “argument” the same way. If you feel it sucks, well you’re not alone with that feeling….

– one could imagine a time-limited extra tax like we have to “supporting” east Germany since well now nearly 20 years. I bet a tax for “supporting” the EUR is not that impossible

– I expect some new sort of property tax, of course because the speculants are guilty

Let us assume another 4 % more VAT then we’re talking about roughy 40 Billion more Euros (but just take into account this year new debts were higher as 80 billions)… So it would not even be enough to stop making new debts.. so much about solidity

There will be other raisings, which are not that obvious. I doubt that many subsidies will get cut, if yes it will be some for parents. They know quite well that parents, work even harder to not let their children “suffer”. Exceptions just confirm this rules….

Well if you now something from the finanical toture catalogue, you surely find other “proper” actions…..