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Sometimes I’m glad that I’m not “in”

Ah yes it could be also an extension to Lessons.

As I wrote I hate Facebook. I’m not a customer nor an “investor”. And that’s so good.

I really am astonished how fast people do forget some devastation of their wealth. Does Internethype tell you something? How much money
was burned there (and how stupid was Greenspan to just start printing money) now see the disasters everywhere. I propose checking the prices of
still existing corporations which still survived the Internet Hype catastrophe. Take e.g RedHat. It was much more expensive some years ago and earned much less than today.

With Facebook it may be even worse:
This sucks. But it’s not my business, if the would go bankrupt I would not loose a second though about it. It just is obvious to me. This banks in that form better be gone sooner than later.

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