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Again the ex FDP

well there was a time when FDP meant something the f stood for freedom. I don’t know what this F currently means maybe f… or forget or …

They had there biggest victory around 2 years ago, they got 15% of the votes. And I bet 100 000 000 : 1 those votes were for limiting the believe of
CDU beeing able to heal everything with “even more cheap” money. It was the answer to all the Failouts well the deledefs name it Bailouts. But
in fact ask yourself where has all the money gone? I do not have to limit myself to Germany here, the US is even worse, there around 750 billions of TARP money simply have
gone. I wished I knew where, I guess the “Polticians” does not know and “even worse” do not want to know….

Anyway now the are disucssing a new base program. Getting more “social”. Well imagine what that mean. Why would anyone need another “left liberal” party? If you want stupidity and “believe in state can heal everything”. Just vote for CDU/SPD/Grüne/Linke. So everyone as he likes. But giving up the F what “easy” is so
massivly stupid, that words fail me. Yesterday the FDP may have gotten above 5%, with a new “streamlined program of “social justice”” what an Oxymoron, they will surely fall below. And so let’s say “bye bye”, it wasn’t nice with you….

Now with that I think we’re one of the few countries with no more liberal thinking parties. Well you know what will follow. It seems Germany just lives from it’s hard earned reputation. Our now grand parents have earned it with hard honest work, living within one limits. Now we are just “living on credit”. The US have shown how to fail big with such living, however it does not matter, we follow them in their stupidity. It’s really disgusting. Now the ex liberals just follow his “highness” Krugman, and that means a big bang in the end.