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Can agree and do

I wrote it here more than once. Self-defense is a human right, maybe “the human right”.
And yes I’m using Linux, but I’m fully aware of the problems with the GPL and for that, I prefer free licenses, not licenses which force me to follow what others have decided. The GPL is not about freedom of choice …

Just a small question

to my readers from the USA.

When do you want to get your civil rights back?
You spy on the worl and probably your own population. So how comes, that the population does not demand back their freedom?

What is it that the government can take away everything he should grant to their people from Mr Snowden?

What does the word freedom mean? Does it mean, the state is right and everyone else is wrong?

It’s “election” time

Well if you name it election, while just having the choice between destitution and calamity. If you think something will change for you, well think again.

Both are mercantilists of the purest form. And they are spending other peoples money. That’s the only thing they really can. They use the words honor in a convoluted way So you do not have a choice as long as such deledefs can be voted for.

My tip for the election is that Obama will win. You do not drive out the redeemer of whatever.

So we will have to live again with an inept president. Alone a visit somewhere in the US costs a few millions. If he’s traveling an hour in his plane another 100 000 Dollar or so are burned. He will smirk in every available camera and will tell you how much he cares. Well yes and he will arm police with new weapons to enable better killing of “bitchy” citizens. He will extend the rights of the armed forces to be better used for killing people in the US itself.

Because you believe such a liar you will get what you have voted for. I wish you will be the first to feel the bullets of you guardians. For those neither wanting distress nor calamity, well you choices are vanishing. Secession will hardly be an option, so what else is left? Probably just emigration. But because most of you think you live in such a great country, you will not consider it till it’s too late. Anyway it still is too late. You have give up freedom for god-knows-what.

I can not understand why you accepted that.

Thanks to you

Yes I mean you, you my reader.

You have pushed the page access to a never seen high of over 1500 hits/day. This is remarkable much. In comparison on my outer mises blog in Germany I have hit 2000 hits
a month in May. And I found this at least worth be mentioned.

Do I hope you like what you get here? Well it depends. I guess most from you are “Austrians” and so I’m writing for those well one must write who do know. So I take it as a
“Yes you’re (mostly) right”. If there are fans of big government and big corporations I surely wish they do not like the stuff I wrote at all.

Anyway it’s nice to have you hear. Don’t be shy, just comment as you like.

What a choice

Oh great you US-Americans have the choice Romney or Obama.

I just wonder where the choice is. Big money, big government, big new debts,big new military expenses, big new lies and last but not least
civil rights abolishments in the name of “fighting terrorism”. I has sympathies to you not too far back, but I think this has vanished like snow in sun.

I guess you simply lost how freedom is written and how it tastes. So be it, get you way and do not cry if you get poorer by the day.

Bernanke reload and fire again. You US-Americans are to stupid to see that money as debt is the disease not the cure.

For those not wanting to vote for either of this “politicians”, good luck. To all the others go to the socialists heaven (but you will not be a functionary, just a small negligtible particle) . Bear all the poverty you
wish upon others.

Is ObamaCare against the constitution?

Well if you follow this blog you know that I’m absolutely against forced blessings from states.

It seems that it’s really against your constitution also. I’m very excitedly what your Supreme Court will decide.
I just can hope for you that they judge it as illegal.

You should IMHO start fighting for your freedom. And the only way to get there is to start limiting the power of your governments and military complex.
I hope this law suit, will give you starting point. If not, well then you know you have to act now. There will be no amiable later later…..

I repeat myself but I warned your about Obama. And everything gets even worse than expected. I suggest to end the president ship of him now.
But as it seems you still prefer another lier and another conservative which probably does not even no what freedom means.

I’m sorry but you behave at least as stupid as we Germans. Instead of freedom you choose slavery I’ve no idea why.

You can make it happen

I warned you years ago for the man without ideas Obama. I warned for the other candidate also:

It’s up to you to end this. Watch closely what the candidates have done in the past and how they acted. If you feel that freedom is not
just a seven letter word, you probably just can vote for one candidate. So don’t hesitate to do the right thing. You were ruled by liers for decades and government has shown more then once
that they are for “big money” and big companies. Don’t you think it’s time to give those a chance which earn your wealth. Yes GM and the big firms partly do own your wealth. But there are those “little”
craftsmen. There are those mechanics countrymen etc. They care for you as customers, they offer value for money. If GM has done wrong it does not try to serve the customers better. Thy sit down in
an plane fly over to Washington and are whining how great they are for the US an how under appreciated they are.

This is a plain lie. But hey government just sees 10000 working places in danger. We have to do something. That they drive out of the market ten times as much. That’s not what they care for that “normal” risk.

Don’t you think that is unfair? If yes again watch closely what the candidates have done and how the acted in the past. You may come to the “right” candidate then.

Last but not least you will have another choice in 5 years to vote for someone else. But it could be different this time. See your constitution and vote for whom stand for it. You grand fathers did know right from the start,
what dangers large government brings with it. That it has come so far, is not their fault. They’ve given you the means to avoid that. So think about it and choose in their remembrance.

Now I understand what Obama meant

in his past tries to win this election (which unfortunately he did win)

His motto was: “Yes we can”

I was always puzzling, “what the hell does he mean with “we caan” “. And now I know. He just mises a few little words.
Yes we can, make more debts”.

And they do, they make more debts as if there won’t be a tomorrow. And well if they proceed, there surely will be no tomorrow for them quite soon.

Because I see loosing them (the deledefs) as an advantage. I just can ask the member of the parliaments kindly. “Would you mind to give Obama another few trillions please”.
The next vote is just a little over a year. So maybe Obama can ruin the US till then. After that the people may consider what has made the US the economic giant,

If they figure that out, they may vote for a better president… It would serve us all.

Don’t you think

it’s time for a change in the US (amont every other developed country in the world)

Ain’t you Americans so proud of “law and order”?

Now tell me why don’t you stand up for law and just stick ot order(s)? Why are you not standing up for your freedom?

Think about it you have voted for democrats or republicans for ages. Does it have done any good for you?

If the answer is no, wouldn’t it be time to change your voting habits? As I remember you can vote every 5 years or so. It does not matter
how worse your current president is, You always can get rid of them. Wouldn’t it be time to get rid of Obama and all this deledefs?

Why not give Ron Paul a chance. He stands at least for the constitution and civil rights. Wouldn’t that be an option one could try?

And it’s highest time to take back your money from your deledefs. So how about a new gold backed Dollar? Think about it. Would the banks be bailed out
for “real” value? If the answer is no, why do you still believe in paper money?

So I don’t know what you think but I think yes it’s time for a change…

The chances and risk for Lybia

Well it seems that Ghaddaffi was “gone”.. That itself probably is good news. Now there will be some interims government. The people of Lybia now have chances hardly ever seen by countries like ours. The chances are gigantiv and the risks not less.

If they embrace sound money, no corruption, money as value and debt free government. They will strive without comparison

Unfortunatly for them it seems most of the interrims government were risen and “de”-educated in developed country. So I’m nearly sure that they will follow the developed countries. I do not think corruptoin will be fought very hard. I do not think they will not have a central bank nor “gold-money” they. The bureaucrats from the IMF, etc will come and suggest them they can not use gold as money.

If they will not embrace austrian economics they will be just another dictatorship this time under “green” authority.

If I’d live in Lybia I’d ask for the following:
1) civil rights
2) free markets and freedom of contracts
2) sound money based on gold or anything else of value
3) no acceptance for corruption
4) no debts allowed for the government

I’m afraid they will get
1) civil rights
2) Bureaucrats (probably too much in too short time, Argument we can not trust markets)
3) regulated markets and limits to freedom of contract (e.g not the freedom to accept anything but gold for payment
4) “democratic” parties
5) central bank and fractional reserve
7) fiat-money
8) tons of corrupton and “worthless” money

The chanced of the first are surely below 1% so I bet that Lybia will just get another France …. The bastard bureacrats from hell will do their best to start a new round
of suppression, theft, black mailing etc. It’s not that they will want freedom for everyone, but support of the population for their vermins

When freedom is just a 7-letter word

Then you know Rothbard, von Mises and Hayek are either domed or simply not mentioned.

The EU is such a thing, Bondage and torture that’s the core of the system. We are bonded with the Euro and tortured with taxes. And the trailer is. “We (the deledefs) work for you
we are the servant of the people

And if you turn around you get another hit in the back. They bailed our the banks and stopped markets work (and therefor they paid with an unprecedented raise in debt)
Now they are again acting against the Market. And the result will be even more debt. The way is clear. It’s not that those having agreed upon piling up the debt will pay.
No the population is held hostage and that’s where freedom ist just a 7-letter word.

No state can and ever has done anything to spread or produced wealth but for a small minority which “claims” for themselves to be chosen in “a free” vote. And that’s their ticket to suppression.
It’s not discussed that taxes alone are the opposite of freedom but that any goods of the people are “free” to the disposition of the greedy hands of wrong-doers. Their freedom is not even a caricature, it’s a word denoted of it’s meaning. They even do not see that that what they do is at the very best serfdom and in the end slavery. And they start working on the “rightness” of this wrong-doing every day, every hour of their life.

It never was more true than theses days. Just see the “jokes” the Parties in the US are doing. Do you really believe anyone would really stop not being part of the “establishment” the elite of the USA, these masters of deception? Who really think it’s about freedom they are talking about ? It’s pure and alone about keeping their power and finding other new ways of suppression. Well yes freedom a 7-letter word like serfdom

Intelligent ?

Someone has pointed me to:

My question is. Why should I trust elites to keep care of Europe?

The politicians have made us all the hell on earth with literally hundreds of thousands laws, nobody can no. The laws are not made to “save” us from the greed of the political system, they are there
to save the political system from their population.

There is e.g the laws against guarantees to debt of other EU countries. Broken.

So the elites do break everything more or less as they like and one should give them more power to do so?

The whole article is a liberal nightmare. So no. Cut down the power and let the people decide for their lives. That’s fair, everything else is serfdom.

Just a small question

I’m wondering.

If democracy is that great why do our “democrats” arrange themselves with dictators?

Just see what happens in North-Africa currently. The old “gangs” are simply driven away. Have you ever heard of anything to help them?
It seems silence was more “wanted”. Bahrain is very special case. You remember the bough the F1 circus and suprise they got the football world champion ships…..

Now there still are a few dictatorships around. One of the biggest is flattered like nothing else. It’s just “oh what big a market” there is. Hardly a word about “oh see how nice the suppress their citizens”. Just remember a 25 years ago, the people where killed on a place with “peace” in it’s name. There is but one “renegade” there and they constantly live in fear of war from this “mother country”. It’s Taiwan, do we here of support for Taiwan? Well just as silent as possible….

Another brick in the wall

Now again an example of positive or negative discrimination. This times it comes from Röttgen minister for the environment.
He will ban all electrical things which are not under the best 10% in energy consumption.

Well so you probably have to buy the most expensive versions of a product. It’s typical, the politicians decide what is good for us.
and the costs are irrelevant.

But hey ho if it comes to himself he spends big. According to this His bureau will cost more than 4.5 millions more than planned. Now that’s really “nice”….

what else? ….

debts again. This time it’s not in the US (they are just facing bankruptcy, but don’t worry. they will raise the allowance to make even more debts) but the EU


This time it’s again about the PIGS  states. Ireland has taken somewhere around 70 billions, now we have to see what Portugal will take. Of course with the usual tam tam. The have to save and the harshest  sanctions will take place if they will not do this or that or whatever.


You know what this is worth. It’s not even worth the typing I do for it. More debt as cure to too much debt. It’s the same old song, we’ve heard for years now. And heaven forbid if we simply allow Portugal to get

bankrupt. The world will come to a grinding halt…



It’s good that a few things exist

I count among them the Wikileaks. Not that I’ve used it intensivly, especially not about the war in Afghanistan. But it’s because journalism seems to
just write as the politicians do. I commented on one extreme example in my other blog (in German). But having wikileaks just shows how we get
lied to every day. All the big words about freedom and “serving” the population. It’s from nearly everyone just “hot air”. Just see the Obama speaks. And then see what
comes out of it in the end. People having lived in peace have to go to war,soldiers are sent out of their countries for what? The name it fighting for your freedom.
Reallly I’d like to know what the people of Afghanistan have done to threaten your freedom over there in the US or here in the EU. Just because a few fanatics are coming from there. Well how about the diverse criminals sitting in our jails? Strange enough one might ask, how comes that in comparison the US has the most criminals. Maybe the proper
place for fighting for your rights is there where you live?

I just want to remind you. Obama has limited your freedom by saying yes to the (b)failouts. Obamacare will get a synonym for constitutional inefficiency. But well he’ll live on a good pension and wil earn a few thousand dollars for speaking on big or not to big events. Anyway Wikileaks probably will point out where he has lied and betrayed you.

Hopefully this will make a difference….

Again the ex FDP

well there was a time when FDP meant something the f stood for freedom. I don’t know what this F currently means maybe f… or forget or …

They had there biggest victory around 2 years ago, they got 15% of the votes. And I bet 100 000 000 : 1 those votes were for limiting the believe of
CDU beeing able to heal everything with “even more cheap” money. It was the answer to all the Failouts well the deledefs name it Bailouts. But
in fact ask yourself where has all the money gone? I do not have to limit myself to Germany here, the US is even worse, there around 750 billions of TARP money simply have
gone. I wished I knew where, I guess the “Polticians” does not know and “even worse” do not want to know….

Anyway now the are disucssing a new base program. Getting more “social”. Well imagine what that mean. Why would anyone need another “left liberal” party? If you want stupidity and “believe in state can heal everything”. Just vote for CDU/SPD/Grüne/Linke. So everyone as he likes. But giving up the F what “easy” is so
massivly stupid, that words fail me. Yesterday the FDP may have gotten above 5%, with a new “streamlined program of “social justice”” what an Oxymoron, they will surely fall below. And so let’s say “bye bye”, it wasn’t nice with you….

Now with that I think we’re one of the few countries with no more liberal thinking parties. Well you know what will follow. It seems Germany just lives from it’s hard earned reputation. Our now grand parents have earned it with hard honest work, living within one limits. Now we are just “living on credit”. The US have shown how to fail big with such living, however it does not matter, we follow them in their stupidity. It’s really disgusting. Now the ex liberals just follow his “highness” Krugman, and that means a big bang in the end.

The root of all evil

I’d come more an more to the conclusion that politicians are the root of nearly all evil.

Or Gooddoers like our churces which there impertinents insisting that all men are in principal evil. From where does this sin believing come?

How comes that politician do not see the bad things they do? How comes  that burocrats  insist that the only way to  more “justice” is´
yet another layer of buroaucrats? All  experiments to educate the “new better men” have failed. All experiments with socialism have failed…

But  over and over again it’s tried to proof this wrong. Is it really the case that we men think that we know what’s better for our fellow man. Why do people claim that the fantastic
successes of free trade are just “by accident”? Can anyone tell me why I should trust federal authorities to not harm me? How many men have died becaue of the most
obscure reaons like, racial superiority, intelligence or whatever. Do we men enjoy harming others?

How comes that people over and over again, claim “liberalism can not work”,  dispite the outcomes of “more liberal times”?