To all politicians.

I know hardly anyone bothers and the least our public-payed TV institutions. And even less nearly any of our politicians (there are exceptions confirming the rule)

You are breaking the laws you have established yourself. There is the no-bail-out clause for states. There is also the law that the EZB only “target” is the stability of the EURO.
You are all liars, and defrauders and black-mailers. I just want to state it without any misunderstanding.

For all the other, having to work for their money and not being paid by any government. In the long run market will prevail. Try the best you can to harm any deledef and any bureaucrat. Try to give them as less as you possibly can without conflicting with the laws they have made to get you. You won’t get away with it, but make their live as miserable as you possibly can. It’s you who is right and they are the wrong-doers and parasites. Obama wants more money? Well do not vote for him, you can next year or so.

Fight also against the violations of base human rights. Guantanamo can be Los Angeles or any city in the US very soon. Fight the FED where you can, do not buy any treasuries. Do fight for your right for sound money. Request from your congressman to not vote for any higher debt ceiling ever. You have the right on your money. It’s not their money and they are not the generous ones to give anything to you. They live on your expenses.

All you Greeks who do the harm to your corrupt and 99% too big government you have my sympathies. They live much more on your expenses as nearly anywhere else in the world but socialists countries. Say no to corruption, say go you Politicians. We do not bear you any more. If you are sane, you leave the € and introduce sound money, all the funny paper will just be inflated from your next “elites”. Do not accept a new round say no to Fiat-Geld and say no to a Greek central bank. If you follow the route of the fiat-money, you’ll be right back where you currently are in not more than 30 years. Is that what you really want? A state bankruptcy every half century? Think about it….

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