Don’t believe

in anything you hear from any state. You can bet 99,99 % of it are lies.

I give you but one example: The purchase of Greek bonds. In 2010 the German government asked the banks to buy Greece bonds. A year later they
declared that half of the value of this bonds are “gone”. And it’s of course the speculators which did not buy or sold the bonds which they do not have trusted any more,
which are the defrauders.

It of course not that the deledefs of all countries have collected debts as if they were the most valuable things one could have.

So I repeat myself. don#t believe any promises of states. And do not believe that states will pay their dues. If you believe, you are doomed.

So run to sel all the bonds of states you have and let them crumble. See that you have good relations to producers of food and shelter. Even better see that you can produce food or shelter or
have deal with someone who can. Yes the problem is if you are bound to a country, you are bound to the disposal of the “leaders”. But they can not take everything from you, if they try they sooner or later
will die a miserable death. And it’s not that they want to die, just remember they want but one thing. Live on your expenses.

So I repeat myself don’t believe in anything from deledefs…..

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