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That’s the trouble with lies

This is the trouble with lies. You lie once, and will not loose creditability, twice and you loose a quite a bit more but thrice?

And then you fall back to the same tactics. If not all agree in you lie ? everything will get messed up. Unfortunatly His Insanity has lied more than thrice, and he absolutly makes an impression on not having any clues about reality. And Paulson has alway played down sorrows, “It’ s all ok”, after the first round of lies (no bailouts) again “everything is under control” then comes another bailout and then you hear (that was the last time we’d jume for help) and not three days later he has come up whith this IMHO still braind-dead plan. And always it’s treated as if there isn’t an alternative.

This is how during second 2nd world war soldats were send to be slaughtered and it’s the same in Iraque. If you do not search for alternatives, you surely won’t find them.

They’ve lied to often and that makes it unbelievable difficult to “believe” them once again.
I’d give both some sort of credit if they would put most of what they own to “that plan”. And I’d ask everyone which is for that plan, doing the same. But strange enough that’s not heard from anyone. So how convinced are they “beeing right”, not that much.

Paulsons efforts to get free hand, without any “regulative”, speaks to much of nepotism (especially to this clueless banking collegues), and believing in their risk management seems to be a very bad idea also. So AFAIKT, all the “managers” in charge (for this crumbling corporations) must either agree to step in with their whole property to fix their errors or
give back most of the money they got during the last years, step back and let others try to fix that messs. That would be without example in history, but it seems really strong things must happen to stop this mess.

Even 700 Mrd $ will not make it…..

Now really how many trillions have been sunk and ended up in the balances of the terrible FED?

Something about Paulson

Paulson wants money
free to his service. Ask him to spend 90 % of this figure
2006 Henry Paulson $129,087,000 $34,900,000 $163,987,000

He has “earned” over 163 Millions !!!! in 2006 he surerely can get along with 16 Millions also

Same place – my blog.

And guess what irresponsibility is also established practice in banks and very large corporations:


Do you remember how much they spend for their wrong-doing, yes I know it’s was the fucking stupid idea of clinton to give credit for people, which never could hope to bear the interests for their it. But hey the bubble has grown and you did not have to have money, you just had to sell early enough, and the last now that the story for F&M And now 12 years later there trillions of more debts, alone budget of the US over 10 trillions added, and I should buy the lies? Just go bac and start reading this entry from the start on.

About Obams to that time:
just can suggest anyone to watch the actions and speeches done by the candidates for president.
None, has come up with some own suggestion. McCain even says. “Let’s put aside politiques”. Can anyone explain it to me what politics than means? Are the politicians just responsible for deciding “unimportant” thngs? And see how Obama ask for the same. “Let’s work together”. Should that look like the decision to go to war?

How comes none of them speak up clealy and state. I’m not supporting this and that and suggest instead something else?

No the dare not come out of their defense. Unfortunatly McCain has no obvious defense. He can not stand behind this suggestion he can not stand against it. How long is McCain Republican?
Obamas positon is as “helpless”. He dares not to let down the economy, and he surely can not opt for this plan as is. If he should win then it would be his task to cope with this surely way beyond a few trillions debacle (who believes 700 Mrd, will make it?)

However now that the could state their ideas precisely, you don’t hear from them. There’s no plan, they are busy with bashing the other for less “delicate” things.

I have to conclude none of them really has some backbone. I hoped it’ll be better with a new president…. I may be terrible wrong

Now if you don’t believe that just go to:

Think about it, think about how wrong or right I may have been, and act accordingly. If you feel I was right do stop supporting social democratic parties…

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