I guess a lot of jobs are unsuitable to me

I just am astonished, there are more and more jobs on my “don’t” do it ever list.

I’m obviously completely lost as politician, because I do not want to rule (and to be honest I do not want to get ruled either)
I’m absolutely not suitable for any job where my payments would come from states. All the time I’m just thinking on how to get rid of those “people”. If I just see anything which does harm the Eurocracy and our government I’m quite happy….

I could not even imagine working e.g for the EU. It would be as if I’d betrayed myself beyond all hope. Anyway I sometimes feel I have to
try getting active in politics just for a freer life of my children. But I’m also new that my ability to lie is very limited. It always have served me well to be
frank and straight. There are those who can’t bear that, but I’ve to say I do not care.

I wonder how one can move something in politics without joining this circles? Do you have suggestions?

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