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I guess a lot of jobs are unsuitable to me

I just am astonished, there are more and more jobs on my “don’t” do it ever list.

I’m obviously completely lost as politician, because I do not want to rule (and to be honest I do not want to get ruled either)
I’m absolutely not suitable for any job where my payments would come from states. All the time I’m just thinking on how to get rid of those “people”. If I just see anything which does harm the Eurocracy and our government I’m quite happy….

I could not even imagine working e.g for the EU. It would be as if I’d betrayed myself beyond all hope. Anyway I sometimes feel I have to
try getting active in politics just for a freer life of my children. But I’m also new that my ability to lie is very limited. It always have served me well to be
frank and straight. There are those who can’t bear that, but I’ve to say I do not care.

I wonder how one can move something in politics without joining this circles? Do you have suggestions?

Mission impossible

The US has entered a way which can not work.

It’s not the deficit it’s the spending stupid. 60 years of overspending and undersaving, show clearly in every corner of any legistlation,.

The money never is enough because the needs of men are in principle without bounds. One of the worst examples on stuff which makes thinks expensive is the Obamacare.
There is no incentive to avoid doctors if all the things get paid. It’s the same in Germany, the prices for health are sky rocketing. And it’s getting worse by evey law which “regulates” health care costs.
Doctors can not charge what they want or possibly can, no every action is categorized and has a fix price. You speak to your doctor 21.34 €. He takes your hand 10€ etc. You can not just get along as doctor and offer you services wherever you want. No this is “decided” by bureacrats. Kind of one doctor / 1000 patients.

Another price driving thing is that prices can be set by the supplier, and the diverse things are “protected” by patents. That means you invent something which is a block buster, you can earn literalyl Billions of it, an that for a few millions of research. The prices for the stuff are fixed, They do not go up or down. It’s the same as a license to prin money, and we know all that way waits hell…

The US founders were very sceptical about government and big business, but Obama has cultivated the growing of government and big business (in form from banks) That’s surely is against the constitution, but he does not care. He wants the power for him and his buddies and so he “attacks” the Parliament . That way lies Facism, and too many of the US citizens have paid with their lives for fighting it now they just will get in in the US? What good can that possibly be?

Thanks but no to Mrs Lagarde

I’m against Mrs Lagard for the IMF. The IMF is just a from Politician controlled instrument, with no-failure-built-in. It’s not a market instrument, because otherwise hardly any political
pressure could be come from it. So short, it’s dictatorship pure.

Mrs Lagard has an open dispute about corruption and all in all France is the county for centralism.

The only “right” thing would be to abolish the IMF. This will not happen so we should at least get some democratic control about it.

If we have this IMF we should have president of a country which never has gone bankrupt. France was known to default every 50-100 years in the 17-19 th century.
I also am against any Chinese at the top (China is the last “big” dictatorship around with not acknowledgement for any human rights). The IMF president should come from a country with the lowes corruption rate, That is the only thing which “may” help anyone.

Here on Mises the guys have an idea on the problems with central banks
So the only “right” way is abolish the central banks, and introducing sound money. And then the debts avalanches will not be a problem. It’s just the constuction of Fiat money with last lenders all over the place. Responsibility is an emtpry phrase if it comes to deledefs and bureaucrats

What signals does the EU safety chute emit?

I’m currently reading about the report of the IMF about Greece. You can find it under:

I’m very skeptical over any of these just be states controlled supranational institutions. I feel we think there money for doubtful outcomes. And in a way I think this are parrallel universes cycling around themselves.
So the biggest problems with this organizations is that they “can not fail” whatever they do. It does not matter how much money they thing while contributing to keeping corrupt regimes running. You know there is not “market” for their offers.
Theres is but one IMF. So whatever they decide to do or not is conclusive.

This is near inerrable. Yes there may be critique voices. And still one has to concede there are also clever (and surely well paid) specialists there. So we probably can learn from their findings. Unfortunately we do not have any influence on how to react on those findings. So overall I see the IMF as part of the problem not the solution.

For normal banks the “lenders of the last resort” are in that order. The own central bank, the own government, (in the EU) the EU commission, and then comes the IMF) . So quite a lot of those “taking” away the responsibility on standing on one’s own feet. And still the IMF is plagued with one terrible problem. The just decide bureaucratically. They ask for papers over papers (which someone has to gather), then the follow procedures (which no the sure way a market tells whether you did right or wrong) . But if the procedures are followed, nothing can happen. They still will get their payments, and gain influence over time just because if somethings going wrong they will be the “saviors”.

But back to the report. I suggest really reading it there you can find a lot of information (unfortunately in diplomatic speech) which really makes it a plagued reading. However you can see that at least something happens.

As I can see this actions still have no calming impacts. If they actions would be honored or would have a good influence on the debt situation, it should be no problem to get new credits. But still the required interests are beyond anything one really can bear. If I do have to trust supranational organizations or markets I know what side to take. But the deledefs just see their side. They never really bother thinking about markets. It’s always the markets are evil (and we have to fight the markets) and they loose every time. But they do not learn anything from it.

Au contraire, they do the same mistakes over and over and over and over again. Just see “This time is different” and you can see, their fallings. Instead of not “having” some extra last lender of last resort” a new last lender is invented, every time. Now imagine a world in which this things were not their and money sound. Nobody could get that large to threaten the system and even then, there would be no one “saving” them. Would you expect the same hazardous behavior?

The realy problem we all have is that money is a monopoly of states, and they enforce it with any means. And that’s where we call get caught. So let’s work for freeing our money for any government influence and we’ll be much finer.

So what signals can you see in the EU “safety” chute. It’s the signal that wrong-doers are saved from their responsibility. And that’s what sticks. Everything in EUR land just tells. Don’t bother to live within your bounds. You can have party and after that you may have some hang-over but don’t be afraid, you can have the next party the day after tomorrow.

This signal is understood by the markets but not by governments. The interest rate of up to 15% and higher tell exactly what one can expect a default within the next three years….