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Sure – no problem I let them die. Anything else I can do for you?


Ha! You think the US is interested in the good of the people of Venezuela? If so, we would have not imposed economic sanctions on them. These sanctions impact the masses of people far more than the elite. This kind of “the ends justify the means” rational makes me sick, because the only “ends” in mind are the ends which benefit the US.

Friedrich Dominicus

No I don’t think so, and there is no reason to believe they would care. And they don’t have to the Venezulaner were simply dumb enough to vote for socialism (with around 60% of the votes) now they get socialism and so they get hunger, distress, plight and death. They’ve chosen it and they get what they asked for.

Oh yes it can make one sick. So often tried and no success for socialism, just the peace over millions of graves.

And not it haven’t been the US-citizens who voted for Chavez or Maduro

After all is said and done, let them get their ways. I’m not willing to give them the credit of doubt. They voted for it and not they stick in this shit-hole and start to starve. The do not haeve any wealt left and now the old and young ones have to pay for those careless socialists voters. Yes I know the functionaries won’t starve. And especially Marduro and his clan won’t have to.

It’s the next example of the disaster socialism brings with it inevitable

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