IMHO one of the really good youtube entries:

IMHO they did a mistake. It’s kind of “4wd Show car”. Showing in the city and no far out there.
The Merceded G class is used as such a car also but, there are heavy duty version which would be sold as mad if they weren’t so expensive. That Merceded does not get right it’s ot twice as good as a Toyota, it on par, but the price is still beyone any reason. Just imagaina another think, how many Unimogs could be sold? The mercedes Prices are way too high, and so they don’t sell that much.

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is also an exterem good offroad vehicle but not so suitable for overlanding. Believe me if you have driven throgh Australias Outback you want a car which just works, and you will wear a lot of equipment. The Defender can not be relied upon. It’s too new and to delicate.

I fully understand Mr White and he’s 100 %, Land rover has let defender lovres down, and that’s as stupid as it can get. And yes I fully believe the “way” thing have worked. It’s arrogance and ignorance. They have lost tons of custommers, may be that they find others as SUVS in the hand of those who never ever will go off-road. But, that’s not what the legend of the defender is build upon.

Stupid Land Rover you just have been exeptionally stupid!

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