Negative and positive discrimination

Well let us assume you’re looking for a new car. You have your ideas about how your car should work or look.
Fortunatly we can choose among quite a few car sellers. Now let’s conclude you like a car for up to 7 people
not too, tall. Fine there are e.g Sharan and Galaxy here in Germany. Well in the past this was the same car just
branded differently. Now assume you find a Galaxy for 25 000 EUR and a Sharan for 25 000. Now you choose
Sharan. Be cautius if car buying would be like anti-discrimination laws. Ford could sue you. Simple reason you have discriminated against Ford
while you a) don’t like the color b) don’t like the sales person c) because the Ford was sliver instead of yellow

or whatever.

What would you tell Ford? Well if you are moderate you’d say: “Mind your own business”. With high probability you’d say. “Go to ….”

Now let’s change this so person searching for a job. They are both the same age, the have the same grade, hell they even have the same marks.
But one is as handsome a guy could be the other a girl at least that handsome. Your shop runs with 20-30 year old Nerds, which are full of Testerone.
Whom would you “choose”. Well bad decision. You either discriminate the handsome guy or even worse you discriminate because of “gender”. So what would
you tell the bureaucrats?

Well you better find a sound excuse for your choice. If not you may in for around before the court.

Well how do we make choices? Sometimes they are based on figures, sometimes they are a gut feeling. We simply do not know. But if you make an educated choice for a car.
everyone agrees it’s your business, if you make an educated guess with whom you like to work together, well be assured, someone may object and start crying: “Discrimination”

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