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My predictions

aus 2011 mal sehen
Steigende Bondpreise, bisher nicht
Because of the massive liquidity overhang, prices of all commodities will raise beyond reasonable limits. So we’ll see the development of new bubbles. (3 rd Prediction). I think the prices will start raising this years.

Yepp hat etwas gedauert aber spezielle die Preise für Wohnen sind schon extrem gestiegen, nun kommt das Gelddrucken und die Behinderung der Produktion auch bei anderen Preisen an.

Because of the massive amounts of debt in the developed countries. I expect cuttings in areas like investing in infrastructure and everything where there is no law to “back” up the claims. Now the services will be needed still so towns, lands, countries will start raising their prices also. I expect higher prices for water, sewage, waste, street cleaning, Kindergarten you can put in here anything that is “provided” by elected “authorities”. (4 th prediction) (within the next decade)

100 % fullfilled

Saving in the deledefs meaning always has meant or means, raising taxes. And so I predict raising taxes also (5 th prediction) (within the next decade)


Because people will try to avoid being taxes more heavily. The money will start flowing toward low level tax countries. This is a serious threat to any Deledef and so I expect that they will discuss and hindering free trade and free money flow. There will probably be extra taxes if you start bringing you money outside of your home country. I even could imagine that they introduce “artificial” exchange rates. Just to save the “poor” defrauders, because they will name it “unfair”. (6 th prediction)

Gilt klar für die USA und D
This leads to my last prediction. We will hear more often the Phrase (it’s as all just a word we have for that in German “alternativlos” (you can roughly translate it as “we have no choice”, unparalleled, the one and only choice) . If it comes to more control they will probably not name it as such. It will be “laws against speculation”, “program-to-enhance-competion”, “law-for-equal-opportunities” or such but in fact it means. “We are right, you have to comply or we bring you to jail! (7 th Prediction)

Auch das erffüllt.

Was die Qualität der Vorhersage angeht ausgezeichnet, was dahinter steht beängstigend grausam.

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