Schlagwort-Archive: 7% raise yearly income

How much worth is your Euro?

Well in Germany we have one answer since yesterday. Ten years ago shares of ENBW were sold to the french government owned EBNF. That has cost them around 2.4 Billion Euro. Now the land Baden-Württemberg has bought back the shares. (nice side-note, the will publish a bond for that, and even nicer, it does not cost us tax payers anything) , the price. around 5 Billion. That is a raise of around 7% a year.. Now we know how stable our EUR is. Because it has not cost us anything we just need 7% raise of income every year to not loose anything. I’m just puzzling how many Germans were able to raise their wages from let’s say 3000 EUR to 6000 EUR….
Let us assume some really did manage it. Now at or around 36 000 EUR income a year one has to pay roughly 8000 EUR. For 72000 EUR roughly around: 23.281,74 Euro

Yes you might not know we have a just progressive income tax. So let’s be a little bit lazy. For having 36 000 income we need around 44 000 EUR a year for having 72000 we need at least 95 000 EUR. Anyway if you earn more than a littlle over 50000 EUR /year. you pay the highest possible tax. That are 42% + 5% (extra money for the German bailout of the GDR (now more than 20 years ago)) . However if you earn > 2700 netto month you are above average in Germany. So we’d be above average with the first number and you really have to search for those earning more > 95 000 EUR. But you know the Euro is stable. And we Germans are “richer” than ever….

So the question is who was able to get 51 000 EUR more income a year, and have earned 44 000 EUR ten years ago. For those of you, I have good news. The EUR was stable for you. All others, please let your member of parliament know that you have become poorer.