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Disappropriation starts

In the EU zone the inflation rate is beyond official 2%. That means in 36 years the value of your money is halved.
However this is just the official rate which always is lower than the real one. They write about a “felt” inflation of 5%. The truth will be in between.
So let’s assume it’s 3.5 % So in around 20 years the value of your money is halved.

So currently the Deutsche Bank offers you 2 % for one-year-deposits. You’ve to pay 25% taxes on it so there are 1.5% left. The inflation rate is 3.5% so
you loose 2 % of your money in just one year….

I wrote about it more than once, inflation is government sanctions stealing. Now here we go. Germany has officially 1.7 trillion of debt (this is another big lie) because there is
not money saved or other promises (like e.g the pension payments). You can bet how “bad” government feels about inflation. They will always say “it is terrible” but reality it makes them “smile”. Probably a kind of cruel smile, or simply nasty. The kind of smile you can see if a theft has get along with the valuables of others.

They smile because with more inflation there debts are de-evaluated also. And so they can steal some other money without the need to stick to their theft. It’s the “circumstances” or even better the stags, and that of course is another reason to extend the “control”

Don’t you dare to smile you US citizens, you are even worse of. Your paper money has raised over 100% in 2 years. You will get your share of inflation also. And then it’s your “establishment” which will start to grin…