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Some will never get it

There are at least two of them here in Euro land. Named Merkel and Sarkozy

Why do I write that? Well they want to keep Greece floating with anohter staging 120 billion bill fo all the europeans. Well they did not tell us they will give this money out at once, but in the end
we’ll have given the Greek something around 200 – 400 billions.

That you got an idea on how much that really is. There are roughly 500 millions living in Europe. (According to Wikipedia) so now let’c caluclate with 300 billions new debt

we have 300 000 000 000 / 500 000 000 = 600 €/each. So for a family of four nearly 2500 €. This money will have to be “spend” in roughly 3 years. So this makes every year for 800 extra payments for paying principal (you know the
other EU countries simply do not have any reserves they just can “pay” this help with another round of debts)

Now how many Greeks are there? 10.688.058 according to:

Now three hundred billions of debt are per inhabitant: 300000000000/10500000 = 28571 €.
Surely more than what each inhabitant earns a year.

Everyone but the deledefs can see that this is not bearable. And so things will come as they have to Greece will default. No surprise at all but for the deledefs. And
two of the most stupid are deciding that sinking that much money will “help”. This is so ridicoulous stupid that it’s beyond any understanding.