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How does your country handel the GFC?

Well II wrote the troubles with the banks are named that way. The US wants to print out their way out of crises. And they really have an elegant way. The fed issues money and buys
bond from the governement. This is a circle which one can name a masterpiece of insustainability. Well in EU land till 6 or so months ago the only secure bonds which would have been accepted should have some A ranking. Now with Greece over the edge they accept greek bonds as securities. So well printing money does not mean that are is any congruent value. Because all our currencies are just “hot” air. It does not really matter if you’d spend 100 EUR notes or 10000 bond notes. Well it’s just some figure on paper and printing bigger notes is not difficult. See what Zimbabwe does and you clearly see the problems. They have somthing along a few billion dollar notes, but people are partly starving to death.

It’s because they give money no “value” and so “value” avoids them. It’s easy. Ruin ones’s currency is as secure a way to ruin a country as any kind of war.

So the US and EU are ignoring this. We will have to pay the price. If it comes to that, don’t say you havn’t been warned….