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One can not make this up

Votes are undemocratic.

Or be it anti-democratic. Well I guess I’m a bit surprised I was always thinking voting is the “hallmark” for democracy now I have to learn it’s the tombstone of democracy.

To live means to learn. And sometimes you learn profound imbecility.

I guess I understand that

as much as one probably can:

There’s one thing in my life which has persisted as long as I can actively think. I do not like masses (maybe that is even to tame). I was raised on a farm and my world was the outside, maybe smaller than just 5 square kilometres. I did not move much out of it and all of the time others came visiting me and not the other way. So one can say it was “my” island.

Then I grew older and have gone into higher school (I truly enjoeyed the last three years, where we we prepared for the “Abitur”.) But I could not understand many of my teachers, they all seem not to have an idea what freedom possibly could mean. To be honest I did not care. It was still interesting to me and I liked to go to school.

Then this ended and I got out and learned farming (my parents were farmers and so that sounds quite natural) But in the second year I worked on a farm and could not close my eyes for a simple truth. The farmer has too much debts and that was it. We could not buy everything as we wanted but how it “fits” the banks. And overall I come to the conclusion that one had to invest too much to earn too less. I changed my decision and got into the Software industry.

And I liked and like it. But then over the time the policy took more an more of my “thinkings” and so you can see the results in this blog also. Of course I did not get in touch with the Austrians during my studies. It was the stupid stuff of current well interventionsism. You know you pull a string there and “voila” unemployment was gone and such crap. I was the worst (of around 300 or) so about options & futures, and I could only think to myself how bloody stupid can it get. I assure you 99 % you learn in university is about to find your way through corporatism.

And that’s what the article discusses from a different angle. I do understand it….

The “merits” of leverage

Just imagine if 5.33 % of the credits are probably failing, spanisch banks will brought to their knees. So you can see what “fractional” lending is one of the safest ways to
an economic hell. It would be that simple. You just be allowed to lend what you own. Then 5% were enough starting to get “angry” but you won’t have to file for bankruptcy.

There is a song the refrain is “wann wird man je verstehen” which roughyl translates to.
“when will we ever learn”.

Well the english title seems to be
“Where have all the flowers gone?”
Well we have to leave this question open. Will they ever learn that money has to be earned and “saved”?
Will they ever learn that the whole purpose of money is having a thing to preserve value….

Every honest earned penny is a value. Why don’t they leave it it’s value? Why are they taking risks to pauperize everyone?

Indeed when (if anytime) will they ever learn?