The “merits” of leverage

Just imagine if 5.33 % of the credits are probably failing, spanisch banks will brought to their knees. So you can see what “fractional” lending is one of the safest ways to
an economic hell. It would be that simple. You just be allowed to lend what you own. Then 5% were enough starting to get “angry” but you won’t have to file for bankruptcy.

There is a song the refrain is “wann wird man je verstehen” which roughyl translates to.
“when will we ever learn”.

Well the english title seems to be
“Where have all the flowers gone?”
Well we have to leave this question open. Will they ever learn that money has to be earned and “saved”?
Will they ever learn that the whole purpose of money is having a thing to preserve value….

Every honest earned penny is a value. Why don’t they leave it it’s value? Why are they taking risks to pauperize everyone?

Indeed when (if anytime) will they ever learn?

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